Braingrid Corporation Announces AI Data Analytics Program with WeedMD and Beleave in Combination with Ample Organics

Published: August 23, 2018

Braingrid Corporation Announces AI Data Analytics Program with WeedMD and Beleave in Combination with Ample Organics

Braingrid Corporation, a global provider of affordable, scalable, and easy-to-deploy sensor platforms for precision agriculture is pleased to announce the launch of an AI (artificial intelligence) Data Analytics Program with WeedMD Inc. and Beleave Kannabis Corp., further leveraging Braingrid’s strategic agreement with Ample Organics Inc.

In 2017, Braingrid and Ample Organics, the most widely adopted enterprise seed-to-sale cannabis platform in Canada, entered into a strategic partnership whereby Braingrid would leverage its data collecting sensor platform to enhance Ample Organic’s customer offering with grow data analytics.

“Early on, Braingrid and Ample Organics recognized an unprecedented opportunity for mutually advantageous success through a strategic partnership,” said John Prentice, CEO of Ample Organics. “We are pleased to see this project underway and even more excited to see the results it yields.”

WeedMD and Beleave, two leading Licensed Producers in Ontario, have agreed to participate in an exclusive and separate data analytics project that will aggregate, cleanse and study their critical cultivation data.

“We are proud to say we are early adopters of the Braingrid solution,” said Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD. “The long-term, historical data we have been collecting is a great asset to mine for insight into lowering costs and increasing yield.”

By combining the vast experience of Braingrid’s cultivation expert Shlomo Booklin together with the scientific rigour of Braingrid’s new hire and Plant Data Scientist, Vanessa Nielson Ph.D., Braingrid will provide meaningful, predictive insights that are expected to lead to increased yields, energy efficiency and reduced crop risk. This will provide a competitive advantage unlike other analytics tools available to the cannabis market.

“We have been working with Braingrid for several months now and have already seen the benefit of real-time data collection,” said Roger Ferreira, Chief Science Officer and Director at Beleave. “Taking it one step further has the potential to help us optimize our grow unlike ever before.”

Braingrid focuses on collecting data from the sensors that have been identified by growers as the most pertinent factors to a successful production facility such as CO2, Temperature, Humidity, EC, VWC, PAR, pH and power consumption.

“We’re seeing the square footage for cannabis cultivation explode and it’s hard for growers to keep an eye on everything, all the time,” said Michael Kadonoff, Founder and CEO of Braingrid. “Our mission is to give the growers better intelligence to easily protect their bottom line wherever they are in the world.”