Beleave Launches Robust Shareholder Communications Initiative

Published: May 15, 2018

Beleave Launches Robust Shareholder Communications Initiative

Beleave Inc., a diversified biotech company with a purpose-built ACMPR licensed cannabis facility in Hamilton, Ontario and patient services clinics operating across Ontario under the Medi-Green brand, today announced the launch of an expanded shareholder communications initiative designed to provide improved visibility into Beleave’s current and planned operations.  The initiative was prompted by an increase in shareholder inquiries, the Company’s desire for increased transparency for its stakeholders and the recent growth in its operations, highlighted by both the acquisition of the Medi-Green patient services business and receipt of its ACMPR sales license.


“The initiative is a multi-channel approach,” said Beleave CEO Andrew Wnek, “As the industry continues to grow we feel that increasing our visibility in a transparent fashion will not only add comfort to our respected shareholder base but allow for productive discussion between shareholders and company management.”


The program is comprehensive and includes a redesign of the corporate website, the development of the investor relations portal, consistent shareholder update videos, quarterly investor conference calls with Company management, an active blog with in-house contributors, and an expanded social media strategy.


“Rolling out this type of program will allow the Company to have consistent, relevant news flow allowing investors to digest information in multiple ways,” continued Wnek. “In the long run this consistent news flow should play a role in combating short-selling common in the Cannabis industry.”


In order execute on the aforementioned programs, the Company will seek to increase its shareholder communications with the launch of new features each month. The corporate website will include a new investor relations newsroom which will include real time press release dissemination, an active corporate blog featuring industry trends, XBRL data, and automatic posting of public filings. The newsroom will also feature corporate videos including consistent shareholder update videos featuring officers, directors and key personnel.


In support of its shareholder relations initiative, the Company retained two leading corporate communications firms, Storyboard Communications and, most recently, Link Media. Both firms act at arm’s length to the Company and are paid a monthly cash retainer or per published PR piece.