Ayurcann Launches Online Cannabis Marketplace

Published: August 6, 2021

Ayurcann Launches Online Cannabis Marketplace

Ayurcann Holdings Corp., a Canadian cannabis extraction company specializing in the processing of cannabis and hemp for the production of oils and various derivative product, has now launched the Ayurcann Marketplace (Marketplace), an online cannabis marketplace for medical cannabis consumers in Canada. The essence of the Ayurcann Marketplace is to provide Canadian medical cannabis consumers with one of the industries most competitively priced and best selection of high-quality products including vapes, tinctures and topicals. To make this possible, the Company is partnering with various medical cannabis brands and offering their products in a convenient online platform.

In conjunction with the launch of the Ayurcann Marketplace, the company has also made available for purchase, six (6) new products from brands Fuego, and Ayurcann’s wholly owned Xplor brand. The five new products include:

Fuego (Vapes)

  • Cherry Blossom OG
  • La Pardes
  • Vena Grad
  • Wedding Crasher

Xplor (Tinctures)

  • Xplor Pure CBD
  • Xplor Balance

Canadian medical patients may now register with Ayurcann Marketplace and gain access to a growing catalogue of products. The Company is continuously working on building its catalogue of products offered to patients and is expecting to launch three (3) new brands in the coming weeks.

The goal of the Marketplace is to provide medical cannabis patients with quality products at affordable prices from several producers, all from the comfort of the patient’s home. “We saw a gap in the current system and thought there had to be a better option for these patients,” stated Igal Sudman, CEO of Ayurcann. Mr. Sudman continued: “We know patients and we know that they prefer to transact digitally, while also being offered a wide range of choice at an exceptional price. With the launch of our Marketplace, we feel that we can fulfill that consumer need and showcase to everyone what differentiates us from our competitors.”

The Ayurcann Marketplace will offer the ability for Licensed Producers to apply to have their qualified products listed for sale, where Ayurcann will handle the customer service, online payments, and fulfillment. In instances where manufacturing and packaging is needed, Ayurcann may also be able to provide those functions offering medical cannabis brands and Licenced Producers a seamless solution for selling their products. Looking to change producer? Register here to become a patient today and receive 20% off your first order¹!

About Ayurcann Holdings Corp.
Ayurcann is a leading post-harvest solution provider with a focus on providing and creating custom processes and pharma grade products for the adult use and medical cannabis industry in Canada. Ayurcann is focused on becoming the partner of choice for leading Canadian cannabis brands by providing best-in-class, proprietary services including ethanol extraction, formulation, product development and custom manufacturing.