Ayurcann Entering Canada's Largest Market With Topical Skincare Line "Glow"

Published: November 10, 2021

Ayurcann Entering Canada's Largest Market With Topical Skincare Line

Ayurcann Holdings Corp., a Canadian extraction company specializing in the processing of cannabis and hemp to produce oils and various derivative products, is pleased to announce the launch of their high potency THC and CBD-infused topical skincare line; GLOW. Ayurcann will launch their line of GLOW products through the Ontario Cannabis Store (the “OCS”). Products will be made available through additional adult-use channels including the provincial retailers and storefronts across Ontario.

To start, Ayurcann will be launching GLOW’s Day cream and Night cream combo pack. The product’s quick absorbing formula works fast to enhance applied to areas. Harnessing the power of the cannabis plant, GLOW’s non-psychoactive formula uses both THC and CBD blended with high-quality natural botanicals and essential oils.

The initial product launch includes two SKUs: GLOW Day Cream and GLOW Night Cream. GLOW Day Cream contains a total of 1000mg of CBD, while the Night Cream contains a mix of 500mg THC and 500mg of CBD. With the introduction of one of the highest concentrations of active cannabinoids on the market in a topical format, Ayurcann’s strategy is to expand market share in extract and extract derivatives while providing exceptional products to consumers. GLOW is poised to be a top choice among consumers entering the cannabis space in search of topical products due to its premium quality and value-based price points. In a 2021 report on Canadian cannabis consumers, Deloitte noted that nearly half of new users are more likely to prefer CBD-only products with 34% of existing consumers citing general health & wellness as drivers of CBD consumption.

“We are thrilled to announce GLOW’s initial entrance into the Canadian market through the OCS, where we are optimistic about its market potential as an industry leading cannabinoid-based topical line. We have been pleasantly surprised by the initial interest from consumers and retailers for these products and believe they will help set the standard for cannabinoid-based topicals,” states Igal Sudman, CEO of Ayurcann.

About Ayurcann Holdings Corp.
Ayurcann is a leading post-harvest solution provider with a focus on providing and creating custom processes and pharma grade products for the adult use and medical cannabis industry in Canada. Ayurcann is striving to become a partner of choice for leading Canadian cannabis brands by providing best-in-class, proprietary services including ethanol extraction, formulation, product development and custom manufacturing.