Auxly on a Hot Streak Heading into a Summer Packed with New Products

Published: July 13, 2021

Auxly on a Hot Streak Heading into a Summer Packed with New Products

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc., a consumer packaged goods company in the cannabis products market, is excited to present its product line-up for a summer season filled with brand-new offerings and inspired flavours across multiple categories, including dried flower, vapes, edibles, oil, capsules and concentrates.

Today’s announcement comes as the Company is experiencing success with its previously announced strategic expansion into the dried flower market, including the introduction of dried flower offerings under its Back Forty brand. Auxly’s Back Forty Pine Kush launched in March and it has quickly become one of the most popular flower brands in Canadai. The success of the Back Forty flower launch has helped Auxly capture approximately 2% of the entire national cannabis flower market (dried flower and pre-rollsii) for the month of June. The Company is delighted with its early success in a segment (dried flower) that accounts for nearly 75% of all Canadian cannabis sales to-date this quarter, or more than $2 billion in sales annuallyiii.

With its leadership position in cannabis 2.0 products and the added success of dried flower sales, Auxly has achieved a 5.2% share of the national market for the month of June, as confirmed by Headset Canadian Insights. Further, the Company has moved up to the #6 position among Canadian Licensed Producers for the month of Juneiv.

Now, Auxly looks ahead to a summer 2021 lineup designed to delight Canadian cannabis consumers and capture even more of the dried flower market, including exciting new cultivars under the Back Forty brand and the launch of Back Forty pre-rolls.

“Through a focused strategy built on deep consumer insights and executional excellence, we are proud to continue to grow our market share and make a successful entry into the dried flower segment,” said Hugo Alves, CEO of Auxly. “We are excited to continue introducing new products that are responsive to our consumers’ needs, including a more robust line-up of dried flower and pre-roll offerings under our Back Forty and Kolab brands.”

“Canadians deserve something special after a year and a half of pandemic life, and we wanted to make sure our brands rose to the occasion,” said Andrew MacMillan, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Auxly. “Our team of product developers and marketing experts have leveraged consumer insights this summer to bring a suite of high-quality and unique cannabis products that we believe will continue to drive sales and gain meaningful market share for Auxly.”

Here’s a look at the new products Canadian cannabis consumers can look forward to this summer from Auxly’s in-house brands Kolab ProjectBack FortyForay and Dosecann. More information about these product launches will be announced over the coming weeks. The following products will be available across Canada:

Flower & Pre-rolls:

  • Back Forty Animal Mints and Wedding Pie flower. Organically grown, Animal Mints and Wedding Pie are exceptional strains with high THC potencies. These new cultivars will land in the Back Forty where consumers find a better experience for less.
  • Back Forty 40s pre-rolls. 40s are machine-rolled straight joints manufactured with state-of-the-art pre-roll technology for a consistent, quality pre-roll that burns evenly with enhanced airflow and flavour. Back Forty 40s will launch with Back Forty’s new organically grown strains Animal Mints and Wedding Pie.
  • Kolab Project x Robinsons Growers Series Purple Kush. This summer crossover sees Robinsons’ heavy hitting Purple Kush joining the popular Kolab Project Growers Series, providing cannabis enthusiasts with Robinsons’ superior quality cannabis uplifted by the Kolab Project Growers Series platform.


  • Kolab Project 132 Series Live Resin Black Cherry Punch soft chew. A broad-spectrum experience, Canada’s first live-resin soft chew includes aromatic Black Cherry Punch live resin with cherry and floral undertones.
  • Back Forty S’mores chocolate. Back Forty’s first edible captures the iconic Canadian campfire treat by combining the flavours of marshmallow, graham crackers and, of course, chocolate.

Kolab Project 232 Series maximizes the flavour and natural expression of the plant for a true-to-strain experience across multiple categories. This summer, Kolab Project puts Slurricane in the spotlight in the following categories:

  • Vapes1g Live Terpene 510 vape cartridge. Slurricane joins Ice Cream Cake and Black Cherry Punch – both newly launched in the Ontario market.
  • Concentrates: Fans of Kolab Project’s best-selling THCA Diamonds will be excited to learn that the brand is issuing a new installment with the Slurricane strain.

Oils & Capsules:

  • Dosecann expands its offerings featuring Auxly’s exclusive, proprietary Ahiflower® Seed Oil and CBD this summer. CBD Omega Lemon Lavender oil and CBD 50 Omega capsules combine high-potency, broad-spectrum cannabinoids with Ahiflower for a sustainably sourced, plant-based, non-GMO source of essential Omega 3 and 6.

In addition to the above national product launches, Auxly is making the following unique edible products available to select provinces. More information about the distribution of these products will be announced in coming weeks:

  • Back Forty Sour Grape and Sour Cherry soft chews. These vegan soft chews join S’mores as the inaugural edibles for Back Forty, in flavours that recall simpler times.
  • Foray Strawberry Milkshake White Chocolate. Nothing says summer like a strawberry milkshake. Perhaps Foray’s tastiest edible yet, Strawberry Milkshake White Chocolate is a fresh take on an old-fashioned favourite, perfectly blended to create and rich and creamy mouthfeel, bursting with delicious berry flavour and notes of white chocolate.

i In the country’s largest market, Ontario, Back Forty Pine Kush in 28g units was the #5 dried-flower SKU in the quarter ending June 30, 2021 (source: OCS sales data, as of July 1, 2021); in British Columbia, Back Forty dried flower was the sixth best-seller for Q2, 2021, capturing approximately 3% of the retail market (source: Headset Canadian Insights, British Columbia dried-flower sales, by brand, as of July 1, 2021).
ii Headset Canadian Insights, Total Canadian Cannabis dried-flower and pre-roll sales, as of July 1, 2021
iii Source:

iv Headset Canadian Insights, Total Canadian Cannabis sales, as of July 1, 2021

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