Auxly Announces Expansion Into Quebec and Launches New Transformative Pre-roll and Vape Innovation

Published: May 7, 2024

Auxly Announces Expansion Into Quebec and Launches New Transformative Pre-roll and Vape Innovation

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc., a leading consumer packaged goods company in the cannabis products market, is pleased to announce that a curated selection of its branded products are now available online and in select retail stores in the province of Quebec.  The Company is also thrilled to introduce its latest array of innovative pre-roll and vape products, designed to redefine standards and enhance user experiences.

The Company has officially launched its first branded product in Quebec, where consumers are able to experience the simple, uncomplicated products of Back Forty.  The initial products available now are the Company’s new, slim style, large format 0.75g three-pack pre-rolls.

Building off the incredible success of Back Forty slim pre-rolls, which is currently the #1 selling pre-roll brand in Ontario,1 the Company is thrilled to introduce its advanced, fully automated for precision, 0.75g three pack pre-rolls, that deliver a full flower taste and offer a consistent burn from start to finish.  This three pack uses Auxly’s latest top performing cultivar, Liquid Imagination, a potent cross between Blue Zkittles and Jet Fuel Gelato and developed at Auxly Leamington’s advanced greenhouse.  Consumers will be delighted by its high-potency blend that is chock-full of trichomes.

In addition, Auxly is continuing to build its presence in the competitive vapour category where it currently holds the #2 LP position in national sales.2  Late last year, the Company introduced its new all-in-one vape hardware through its Back Forty brand, this convenient format was designed to be held in the palm of your hand and offer big flavour in a small size.  It quickly became a consumer favourite, securing the top 4 selling SKU positions in Ontario for the last three months3 while propelling the Company and the Back Forty brand to the #1 position in national disposable vape sales.2

The Company is thrilled to announce further expansion in its hand held all-in-one vapes, with new flavour profiles like White Freeze, a nostalgic experience for the senses with notes of cream soda, vanilla and lemonade, being introduced through the Back Forty brand, as well as the launch of a new offering under its premium brand Kolab Project.  This new Kolab all-in-one rechargeable vape uses innovative dual-heat settings that allow consumers to customize their experience to their personal preference, guaranteeing a carefully crafted experience, and will offer one of the Company’s most potent extracts at 92-98% THC.

“We are thrilled to announce our entry into the Quebec market,” said Mike Lickver, President of Auxly.  “Quebec makes up approximately 12% of the total Canadian recreational cannabis market, so this expansion represents a significant milestone for us and the beginning of a long-term relationship with the province. This entry also solidifies our national market presence by ensuring our products can get into the hands of Canadian consumers coast to coast, as we now have a presence in all provinces and two territories.  As we continue our mission to help consumers live happier lives by providing them with quality cannabis products, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address their evolving needs.”

Auxly’s new product launches will be available in select retail stores across the country this spring and summer.

About Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
Auxly is a leading Canadian consumer packaged goods company in the cannabis products market, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to help consumers live happier lives through quality cannabis products that they trust and love. Its vision is to be a global leader quality cannabis products. Learn more at and stay up to date at Twitter: @AuxlyGroup; Instagram: @auxlygroup; Facebook: @auxlygroup; LinkedIn: company/auxlygroup/.

1 Hifyre IQ, non-infused pre-roll, as of May 2024
2 Hifyre, as of May 2024
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