Aurora Cannabis Receives Sales License for Aurora Sky Facility

Published: October 17, 2018

Aurora Cannabis Receives Sales License for Aurora Sky Facility

Aurora Cannabis Inc. that its Aurora Sky facility has been granted its sales license by Health Canada, significantly increasing availability of both dried flower and derivative cannabis products across all cannabis markets the Company is targeting.

The Company also announced that it has received a sales license from Health Canada, permitting the sale of cannabis softgel capsules produced at its state-of-the-art Aurora Vie facility located in Pointe-Claire, Québec. Aurora and Capcium Inc., the Montreal-based manufacturer that specializes in high-volume softgel encapsulation have already commenced production of softgel capsules, which are targeted at the medical, wellness, and adult consumer use markets. The Company anticipates softgels to become a high volume, high margin product within all of its target markets. The Company holds a 19.99 per cent ownership stake in Capcium and is Aurora’s exclusive manufacturer of cannabis softgel products in North America.

“These new sales licenses are a game changer for Aurora, dramatically increasing product availability and positioning us well to serve the rapidly growing domestic and international cannabis markets,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. “With adult consumer use sales beginning in Canada today, these additional licenses enable Aurora to rapidly scale-up production to service the high growth anticipated for this new market. As the first of our “Sky Class” facilities, Aurora Sky is substantially differentiated from traditional indoor and greenhouse grow facilities because of its use of advanced technologies and automation that deliver industry-leading yields. This allows us to consistently produce an abundant supply of high-quality cannabis and derivatives at sustainably low production costs, anticipated to be well below $1 per gram.”

Mr. Booth added, “We’re exceptionally proud of our team’s efforts in completing these milestones and look forward to accelerating our growth as our facilities continue to ramp-up to full capacity.”

Strategically located at the Edmonton International Airport, Aurora Sky is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced cannabis hybrid-indoor production facility constructed to date. Designed by Aurora Larssen Projects and built to EU GMP specifications, the facility measures 800,000 square feet, and incorporates a high degree of automation, full control of environmental variables, and sophisticated yield optimizing technologies, to produce consistent, high-quality, medical grade cannabis at sustainably low production costs.

Aurora Sky, which received its first production license in January, is rapidly ramping up to full capacity of over 100,000 kg per annum, which the Company anticipates reaching around year end. At full capacity, the Company anticipates one harvest every 3.5 days, resulting in over 6 harvests per room per year, comparing very favorably with traditional greenhouses and other grow facilities. In addition to cultivation, Aurora Sky also features processing, bottling, and automated packaging and labeling capacity, enabling the Company to service market demand for high margin derivative products.

To date, the mother room and four flower rooms, each measuring 34,000 square feet, have been licensed for production. The rooms have now been populated using the automated systems, which were commissioned successfully. Presently, approximately 120,000 plants are growing in the facility’s licensed flower rooms. The Company has submitted license applications for additional flower rooms and all ancillary system rooms, and will be applying for further production licenses until the entire facility is licensed and populated, anticipated for late November or early December.