Ascent Industries Corp. Announces Formation of Health and Medical Services Division

Published: August 13, 2018

Ascent Industries Corp. Announces Formation of Health and Medical Services Division

Ascent Industries Corp. announced the formation of its Health and Medical Services division under its wholly-owned subsidiary AIC Health Services Corp. AIC Health is developing as a new model for providing multidisciplinary, patient-centric, full-service health care to patients in Canada. AIC Health’s mandate is to develop a network of medical clinics accessible across Canada that provide general and specialized health care services using a variety of methods to treat patients, including pharmaceutical, homeopathic or natural medicines produced from the cannabis plant, combined with a plan for developing better health tailored to each patient as needed.

AIC Health’s first medical clinic and pharmacy is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Future expansion plans include acquiring or developing clinics across Canada, beginning in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. The medical clinics will be the first pillar of AIC Health’s model, with telehealth, medical and clinical research, and patient education expected to follow soon.

As part of this initiative, Ascent is pleased to welcome Matt Toews to the team as the Managing Director of AIC Health. Along side Matt, also joining Ascent is a team of healthcare and business professionals with extensive experience in a variety of sectors throughout the Canadian healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Matt has twenty years of entrepreneurial experience, including owning and operating numerous medical clinics and pharmacies across Canada. Furthermore, he has developed several healthcare technology companies and brings a diverse background relating to finance, corporate structuring and technology.

When asked about his vision for Ascent’s AIC Health division, Matt commented, “I firmly believe that cannabis will play a significant role in our healthcare system going forward and we are excited to be able to join forces with Ascent’s established team of industry leading professionals to help execute our plan. With our mutual focus on the advancement of cannabis as part of a plan to treat patients holistically and provide access to information and resources for their benefit, we believe we are well positioned to provide high-quality health and medical services to patients across Canada for years to come.”

A large portion of the cannabis medical clinic market in Canada is currently focused on cannabis specific models that do not promote proper education, continuity of care, or patient retention. AIC Health’s model is to use multidisciplinary care that provides patients with a high touch experience to ensuring their treatment meets the goals of the medical therapy using a variety of treatments as best suited for patients.

Philip Campbell, CEO of Ascent, added, “We have been working with patients and other medical stakeholders in Canada and the US for several years and we are excited to be able to launch this unique initiative into the Canadian medical services market. We look forward to growing the reach and service offering of AIC Health’s platform as we progress towards further acceptance and understanding of cannabis as a viable medical therapy, both domestically and abroad. Ascent is excited to align with Matt’s passion, vision and highly qualified team, which we believe will enable AIC Health to provide high quality relevant health services to patients particularly as related to medical cannabis therapies and education.”

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