Aqualitas Upholds Commitment to Sustainability and Quality with Clean Green Certification Renewal

Published: July 16, 2021

Aqualitas Upholds Commitment to Sustainability and Quality with Clean Green Certification Renewal

Nova Scotian organic licensed cannabis producer, Aqualitas (“the Company”), proudly announces the renewal of their Clean Green Certification, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the highest standards of organic cultivation and sustainability. As the first Clean Green Certified licensed producer in Canada, the Company continues to lead the industry in efforts to produce the highest quality organic cannabis with the lowest possible environmental impact – under the supervision of acclaimed master grower Jake Ward, 2020 Canada’s Grower of the Year.

PwC’s June 2021 Pulse Survey indicates that consumer perspectives on sustainability and environmental impact are shifting: 81% of people polled expect companies to be environmentally conscious in their advertising and communications, and 69% of respondents said they were doing everything possible to minimize their carbon footprint. With 51% of global consumers saying that their concerns over health and safety outweigh their sense of environmental responsibility, Aqualitas ensures no sacrifices are made to achieve the highest standards of both sustainability and safety.

The Clean Green Certified program is the longest running, largest organically managed cannabis certification program in the world; Aqualitas has been a leading member since 2018. Clean Green Certification is recognition of Aqualitas’ award-winning commitment to organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, quality, and environmental stewardship. Founded in the US, Clean Green Certified is based on U.S. and international organic and sustainable farming and food handling standards.

“Maintaining our Clean Green Certification is a core pillar of our sustainability mandate—alongside our devotion to ocean-sourced, eco-conscious packaging—and an important part of our climate action plan and commitment to our global community to use clean energy, preserve water, and improve life on land and underwater,” said Myrna Gillis, CEO of Aqualitas. “Being a producer that uses organic cultivation methods is not just about using healthier inputs, it is about reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting a way of life that is better for our people and our planet.”

“Aqualitas is going above and beyond what is required to show patients and consumers that they care about delivering a high-quality product that is also kind to the environment,” said Chris Van Hook, Founder of the Clean Green Certification Program. “Innovations, new technologies and a focus on sustainability at each production point have made Aqualitas a leader in the organically managed, sustainable cannabis industry since 2018.”

About Aqualitas
Aqualitas is a private company located in the community of Brooklyn, just outside of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Home to Canada’s 2020 Grower of the Year and Canada’s first Clean Green Certified cannabis producer and processor, the Aqualitas commitment to international organic management practices, continued compliance, and world class quality and sustainability run deep. With a mission of supporting wellness through research, care and passion, Aqualitas is committed to being a global leader in the development of innovative cannabis products and is currently distributing medical cannabis across Canada, the EU and Israel.

About Clean Green Certified
The Clean Green Certified program was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis products that called themselves “organic”.  For the past 18 years the program has helped farms & processed products obtain a certification based on the Canadian Organic Program, the USDA National Organic Program, as well as other globally recognized sustainable and regenerative agricultural and food safety programs. We have worked in USDA National Organic Program since it began in 2003.