Alcanna's NOVA Cannabis Opens Five Stores in Alberta

Published: October 17, 2018

Alcanna's NOVA Cannabis Opens Five Stores in Alberta

Alcanna Inc. will be adding the NOVA Cannabis brand to its stable of controlled-substance retail banners with the opening of its first five stores in Alberta. NOVA Cannabis’ highly-trained Customer Experience Representatives will begin engaging both new and experienced customers with superior product knowledge and socially responsible advice.

“Yesterday, and for decades before, criminals operating outside the law controlled 100% of the recreational cannabis trade. Now, civil society begins to take back that activity through laws, regulations, quality controls and private enterprise that creates jobs and pays taxes. Alcanna is delighted to be on the front lines of that effort.

Alcanna opens the first 5 of its anticipated 37 Alberta retail stores. In setting its retail prices, Alcanna will be cognizant of black-market pricing and will set our prices accordingly within the limits of a legitimate business. But notwithstanding financial considerations, Alcanna’s NOVA Cannabis retail stores will always have at least one product priced at our “Black Market Buster” special. A one gram package of cannabis that we will be selling at $6.95, a price we believe to be equivalent to the black-market price. We will rotate which product that is amongst all licensed producers. No one should ever have to stay with the black market strictly because of price.

Established and experienced retailers like Alcanna, with a robust and healthy balance sheet, can do more than just open the legal market for cannabis with welcoming retail stores and well-trained staff. We can begin the process of hastening the end of crime and criminal activity in the cannabis trade. Alcanna intends to do both.” ­

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