AgriCann Adds Cannabis 2.0 Licence, Launches Key Brands

Published: November 22, 2023

AgriCann Adds Cannabis 2.0 Licence, Launches Key Brands

AgriCann Solutions Corp. announced licencing from Health Canada allowing for the production and distribution of a wide range of cannabis-infused products, including edibles, beverages, concentrates, and topicals (the “Cannabis 2.0 licence”), through AgriCann’s wholly-owned subsidiary Newline Ventures Inc.

Agricann’s CEO, Adam Sancewicz, expressed enthusiasm about this achievement, saying, “This milestone demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative high-quality cannabis products to consumers. We believe our expanded product offering is pivotal and will significantly contribute to our growth in the expanding Canadian cannabis market.”

With this latest development, the Company is well-positioned to enhance its market presence and meet the evolving needs of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Canadian recreational cannabis sales have increased approximately 13.7% year-over-year to $3.34 billion year-to-date (Oct 20), an expanding market increasingly seeking access to top-tier cannabis experiences.

Products launched into two of Canada’s top three cannabis markets.
In British Columbia, consumers access our products through BC’s innovative Direct Delivery system, which empowers BC cultivators to engage directly with licensed cannabis retailers. Under the banners of Micro-Cult and Canadian Loud, our portfolio of craft cannabis products is readily available to cannabis enthusiasts throughout the province, allowing us to establish a direct connection and relationship with consumers while providing a seamless on-demand supply chain with enhanced margins.

In Ontario, the sole provincial distributor governing the import and distribution of cannabis is the OCS. We are thrilled to announce our Company’s products have launched successfully in Ontario, exclusively under the Canadian Loud brand. This penetration into the OCS positions us to tap into Canada’s largest market and cater to the province’s vast and diverse customer base.

Adam Sancewicz added, “We are excited to bring our premium cannabis products to Canada’s largest markets. Our scalable expansion into British Columbia and Ontario represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer top-tier craft cannabis experiences to consumers across Canada. Our commitment to quality and innovation will continue to drive our success as we navigate the ever-evolving cannabis industry landscape.”

The market for Cannabis 2.0 products is expected to be a significant contributor to the overall growth of the cannabis industry in Canada. These products offer consumers a wider range of options and offer more discreet consumption methods which is likely to increase the appeal of cannabis to a broader range of consumers.

About AgriCann Solutions Corp.
AgriCann operates wholly owned subsidiaries Craft Nurseries Canada Ltd., a full-service Health Canada licenced cannabis nursery located in Lake Country, and Newline Ventures Inc., a Health Canada multi-licenced facility in nearby Vernon, British Columbia. AgriCann supports craft cultivators through innovative marketing initiatives, creating demand with premium genetics and strong consumer branding, and facilitates the distribution of consumer-packaged goods through scalable logistics models. AgriCann Solutions’ website: Craft Nurseries’ website: