Adastra Holdings Enters Market with Creation of THC-Free 99% Pure CBD Isolate

Published: September 30, 2021

Adastra Holdings Enters Market with Creation of THC-Free 99% Pure CBD Isolate

Adastra Holdings Ltd., a leader in innovative ethnobotanical and cannabis science products, today announced the creation of CBD Isolate. The composition of CBD isolate enables the development and commercialization of recreational, medical, and cosmetic products.

Designed specifically for patients and consumers seeking the benefits of CBD but in a THC-free experience, this 99% pure CBD crystalline isolate is nearly free of THC, eliminating the psychoactive effects. Available in a crystalline powder, CBD isolate can be formulated into a wide range of products, including tinctures, oils, topicals, vapes, and capsules.

“Significant research clearly shows that CBD can help reduce pain, anxiety, and inflammation while protecting the skin,” said Jean-Paul Lim MD, FRCPC, Medical Director at PerceiveMD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Adastra acquired in August 2021. “Furthermore, CBD is highly tolerable, does not produce euphoria, and has a low risk for adverse effects. Therefore, the isolate products we are developing are expected to provide the meaningful benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects, addressing a significant and growing patient need. Additionally, CBD derived from hemp enables people who are unable to tolerate THC due to sensitivities, or who have certain mental health issues such as bipolar, schizophrenia, severe depression or anxiety, to enjoy the benefits of CBD.”

Added Donald Dinsmore, Adastra’s Chief Operating Officer, “Adastra has developed cryo-ethanol extraction processes that are extremely scalable for extracting cannabinoids from hemp, which enables compound isolation. CBD isolate is an attractive ingredient for a variety of medical and recreational products – it is very pure with greater than 99% CBD and can be derived from hemp, a very low-cost raw material. With the successful creation of a CBD isolate, we are now developing a range of medical and consumer-focused products. These products leverage our recent acquisition of PerceiveMD. Once we secure a medical sales license, expected before the end of the year, we will prescribe medical and related products through PerceiveMD patient centres and other channels.

Adastra plans to distribute its line of CBD isolate products through multiple channels. With the recently completed PerceiveMD acquisition, Adastra has access to over 4,500 patients seeking holistic remedies. Additionally, Adastra will pursue immediate distribution through the Ageless Living clinics in British Columbia and Alberta and third-party clinics throughout Canada.

About Adastra Holdings Ltd.
Founded in 2018 and formerly known as Phyto Extractions Inc., Adastra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative ethnobotanical and cannabis science products designed for the adult-use and medical markets and forward-looking therapeutic applications. Adastra is renowned throughout Canada for its popular line of Phyto Extractions branded cannabis concentrate products available on shelves at over 1,400 adult-use retailers across the country. The Company also operates Adastra Labs, a 13,500 sq. ft. agricultural-scale Health Canada licensed facility located in Langley, BC., focused on extraction, distillation, and manufacturing of cannabis-derived products.