1922, Independent Operator, Beats Out Corporate Cannabis for National Award

Published: January 14, 2021

1922, Independent Operator, Beats Out Corporate Cannabis for National Award

Proving that cannabis retail is more about human connection than corporate dollars, 1922, an independent shop in Old Town Toronto, has been voted ADCANN’s Canadian Storefront Brand of 2020, sweeping the competition.

A notable accomplishment for any retailer, victory is significantly sweeter for 1922, as the shop is still in its first year of business. With over 400 ADCANN award entries and more than 100,000 public votes, owners Mike Dunn and Brooke Silversides are encouraged to see that 1922’s dynamic mix of hospitality and accessibility recognized, as the brand works to break down barriers and destigmatize the cannabis industry.

Harnessing a unique approach, the duo behind 1922 has worked hard to incorporate authenticity into the heart of their operation, and the public agrees. As Ontario looks to increase cannabis retail licensing, and a recent Health Canada report shows a 24% increase in storefront purchases, it is clear that 1922’s model is one for the future.

ADCANN’s brand analysis highlighted 1922’s clear windows, welcoming decor, and friendly staff as key hallmarks of the retailer’s appeal. Recognizing that the retail ecosystem has evolved due to COVID-19 related restrictions, 1922’s online presence serves to bridge the education gap between staff and consumers through detailed video reviews and educational content, building trust between brand and consumer.

Cody Hicks of ADCANN shares that, “At ADCANN, we are delighted to award the community-voted ADCANN Storefront Brand of the Year to cannabis retailer, 1922. While creating an inclusive, community-led brand, their dedication to customer experience gave 1922 a competitive edge over other entries.”

Ecstatic with results, Dunn remarks, “At 1922, our purpose is to demystify and destigmatize the cannabis industry, and we do that through a user-friendly business model. We are incredibly honoured to be voted ADCANN’s storefront brand of the year for Canada. We intended to create a genuine and authentic brand while supporting continued education that promotes a new social understanding of cannabis and cannabis use.”

Silversides adds that 1922’s consumer experience commitment is a priority throughout the brand’s business model: “The steps we have taken to ensure our storefront is welcoming and accessible speaks to our brand’s inclusive approach to the industry, and more importantly, the consumer. We are excited to grow our offerings for 2021 and beyond, keeping our 1922 community front and centre throughout.”

1922 is an independent cannabis retailer, located in the historic Old Town neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. As a consumer retail location, 1922 is committed to an accessible environment and customer-focused educational experience. With a female founder and unique operations team, 1922 is working to revolutionize the industry and celebrate the history of cannabis.

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