YEDI Venture Fund Invests in Livli Brand by Folium Labs Inc.

Published: February 11, 2019

YEDI Venture Fund Invests in Livli Brand by Folium Labs Inc.

Canadian nutraceutical company, Folium Labs Inc., gains an undisclosed investment from YEDI Venture Fund. Early in 2018, Folium Labs successfully finished YEDI Incubator Program at the Schulich School of Business. The early-stage company was later backed up by the Venture Fund’s investment given a significant market potential of Livli’s innovation pipeline.

“We are excited that YEDI Venture Fund sees potential in Folium Labs” comments Dmitri Boudovitch, CEO of Folium Labs. “This is a huge step for us to accelerate our go-to-market strategy delivering Livli nutraceuticals to consumers across North America and beyond.”

Folium Labs has received all regulatory approvals from Health Canada to formulate and distribute cannabinoid-free nutraceutical products to help combat potential drawbacks of short-term and long term cannabis use while helping consumers to improve overall cannabis experience.

Folium Labs launched the first Livli product in early February – a daily non-GMO multi-vitamins for cannabis users, available at The company has plans to unleash more health products in the near future.