Weekend Unlimited Establishes Its Office in NYC

Published: March 12, 2019

Weekend Unlimited Establishes Its Office in NYC

Weekend Unlimited Inc. announced that it has established its office in New York City, USA.

“Since our growth strategy is focused on product development and sales for recreational cannabis use across USA, it is important for us to establish our base in New York City for our team to accelerate business results,” said New York City-based Weekend President and CEO, Mr. Paul Chu. “Being located in New York City gives us access to world-class talent across multiple industries,” added Mr. Chu.

Weekend Unlimited’s New York City office will serve as the company’s global headquarters. Currently housed in one of the City’s most well-known neighborhoods, SoHo, the office is surrounded by a mix of major retail chains, high-end brand stores, art galleries and restaurants.

“SoHo is the perfect laboratory for inspiring the design and launch of Weekend’s brands,” said Mr. Chu. “We have made significant strides with acquisitions in multiple states, and our leadership team is mainly located in New York City so this was a natural step for the company to take on its growth trajectory.”