WeedMD Secures Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Licence

Published: June 4, 2019

WeedMD Secures Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Licence

WeedMD Inc., a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis, is pleased to announce that it has secured Health Canada approval for 27 acres of low-cost, outdoor cultivation on its Strathroy, Ontario property. The Company will commence planting more than 20,000 clones in early June with plans to harvest in fall 2019, increasing potential production output by an additional 27,000 kgs. With a combined indoor and outdoor production footprint of over 5.2 million sq. ft. and projected total potential annual output of 150,000 kgs of cannabis by 2020, WeedMD is now positioned to become one of Canada’s largest cannabis producers.

“Our ability to scale, coupled with our team’s proven experience in growing our proprietary genetics outdoors, positions us as a first-mover in the industry,” said Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD. “We have put together the most compelling outdoor cultivation plan in the industry and this licence is the final piece of that plan to fall into place.”

  • WeedMD Outdoor Cultivation & Production Strategy
  • Health Canada licence amendment secured
  • 27-acres of organically-certified soil for newly-licensed Phase I
  • Construction of fencing, security, irrigation and other required infrastructure is complete
    within a fully-funded $2 million budget
  • 100 acres of production planned for Phase II in 2020 on the existing property
  • Municipal approval secured
  • Outdoor cultivation is directly adjacent to WeedMD’s existing licensed greenhouse facility
  • All infrastructure and human resources exist onsite
  • Cultivation team has significant local outdoor cannabis cultivation experience
  • Selected strains proven to excel outdoors in southwestern Ontario
  • More than 20,000 clones already rooted in organic material and ready to be planted

“WeedMD is leading the way by bringing its unique outdoor cultivation plan online in record time,” said Derek Pedro, Chief Cannabis Officer of WeedMD. “With construction, irrigation and security complete and more than 20,000 live plants propagated, prepped and ready to be planted, we are on track for a successful harvest this fall.”

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