WeedMD Debuts New Color Cannabis Cultivar Black Sugar Rose in Ontario and Launches Terpene-Labelled Profiles

Published: December 8, 2020

WeedMD Debuts New Color Cannabis Cultivar Black Sugar Rose in Ontario and Launches Terpene-Labelled Profiles

WeedMD Inc., a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis, has commenced shipping its newest cultivar Black Sugar Rose to the Ontario Cannabis Store for sale to provincial retailers under the Company’s Color Cannabis adult-use brand.

As WeedMD’s first cultivar to carry a terpene profile listing, the indica-dominant hybrid whole flower product is currently available with a terpene profile of 3.6 per cent and THC level of 20 per cent. Packaged in nitrogen-flushed, Color-branded pouches, the Company is responding to the call for new cultivars, flower integrity, greater product diversity and less packaging. The move is also part of the Company’s commercial growth plan to enhance market appeal for its Color Cannabis brand and accommodate an ever-evolving, discerning national consumer base.

“Cannabis retailers and consumers are increasingly aware that cannabinoids only tell a part of a flower’s story,” said Angelo Tsebelis, Chief Executive Officer. “By adding terpene listings on our Color brands, we are providing consumers with important product data and information that will enhance their cannabis acumen and empower them to make more informed purchase decisions. Black Sugar Rose packs an impressive 3.6 per cent total terpenes and showcases our cultivation team’s time-tested commitment to quality-production.”

“Cultivating and releasing Black Sugar Rose in Ontario is a proud achievement and pays homage to WeedMD’s cultivation pedigree and tradition for excellence,” said Curtis Wallace, Head of Cultivation. “In selecting new cultivars, we took great care to complement our carefully selected Color Cannabis genetics and product line. This cultivar’s terpene and cannabinoid profile stands up alongside some of our most iconic cultivars, including our exclusively held, top-selling Pedro’s Sweet Sativa.”

Terpenes are organic compounds that make up the aroma and flavour of specific cultivars. Studies suggest that total terpene percentages dictate the intensity of aroma and potential to modify effects of cannabinoids. Moving forward, WeedMD expects to list total terpenes of each Color-branded dried flower product on its new packaging. Visit here to learn more about the value of total terpenes pertaining to WeedMD’s flower products and their terpene profiles.

The Company also announced it has agreed to part ways with Stephen Ng as Chief Commercial Officer effective immediately. “On behalf of the Company, we thank Stephen for his many contributions during the build-up of Starseed Medicinal and its integration into WeedMD,” said Mr. Tsebelis. “Stephen was instrumental in shaping our business as we prepare to enter the next phase of our growth. We wish him the very best in his future endeavours.”

Information about upcoming corporate events can be found here. Access WeedMD’s latest investor deck here.

WeedMD Inc. is the publicly-traded parent company of WeedMD RX Inc. and Starseed Medicinal Inc., licence holders producing and distributing cannabis products for both the medical and adult-use markets.

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