VIVO Cannabis Inc. Subscribes to Strainprint Technologies to Maximize Patient Treatment Experience

Published: September 24, 2018

VIVO Cannabis Inc. Subscribes to Strainprint Technologies to Maximize Patient Treatment Experience

Strainprint, the leader in cannabis data and analytics, announced that VIVO Cannabis Inc. is the latest top tier Canadian licensed producer to subscribe to Strainprint Analytics. VIVO is a leading, vertically-integrated, cannabis business with a collection of premium brands targeting unique consumer segments and needs across both medical and recreational channels, both in Canada and other international markets.

VIVO will leverage this strategic subscription to coincide with the launch of their Beacon Medical brand, a standardized pharma-grade cannabis that’s clean, consistent and repeatable — qualities sought by physicians and patients, which stands for setting patients on the clearest path to treatment.

“With a company tagline like ‘living life’, VIVO clearly embodies the same passion, focus and commitment as Strainprint with the ultimate goal to improve lives through the use of quality cannabis products and services. We are delighted that they have chosen to work with us” said Strainprint CEO, Andrew Muroff.

The Strainprint experience helps create clarity for patients and is right in line with this mission. Beacon Medical plans to leverage data insights from the app, encourage more patients to track their treatment sessions for the best results and provide redeemable discounts and merchandise for engaged users on a custom-branded version of the app. Strainprint can provide access to more than 30 million data points on strain efficacy from more than 800,000 anonymous personal health records – the largest and most granular scientific data set of its kind in the world.

“We support the spirit of Strainprint, which encourages patients to be mindful of their treatments in a way that’s made easy by their highly intuitive app,” said Sung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer of Vivo Cannabis. “We are always looking for ways to provide value-added services to our patients, and using Strainprint’s robust database of dosing experiences will help us provide useful information to both patients and health care professionals.”