VerdePharmHealth and Strainprint® Technologies Enter into a Strategic Multi-Year Alliance

Published: March 19, 2020

VerdePharmHealth and Strainprint® Technologies Enter into a Strategic Multi-Year Alliance

VerdePharmHealth; a provider of comprehensive cannabis solutions – group purchasing organization, clinical solutions, and healthcare technology; announced that Strainprint, a market leader in cannabis data and analytics, will partner to provide technology that supports transformation of physician practices towards improved decision-support for medical cannabis interventions, coupled with patient-reported outcomes across the care continuum.

“VerdePharm will leverage the strategic alliance with Strainprint to enhance the healthcare provider knowledge base via retrospective insights and prospective monitoring of patient-reported outcomes,” said Jesse Hollingsworth, founder & chief executive officer at VerdePharmHealth, “Strainprint will play a central role in VerdePharmHealth’s ability to offer end-to-end solutions for improving appropriate interventions at the point of care, controlling costs, and ensuring patient satisfaction.”

“Large specialty practices and their patients are among the most impacted by shifting market conditions, often disproportionately,” said Andrew Muroff, CEO at Strainprint. “Adding our data, insights and analytics technology to its already-robust value-proposition will enable VerdePharmHealth to offer these groups a single toolkit of end-to-end products and solutions to successfully manage patient care in the new era of medical cannabis.”

“The advent of medical cannabis provides exciting opportunities for physician practices to enhance interventions and outcomes, but it also requires transformation, for which many are unprepared,” said Nikko Khazana, chief commercial officer at VerdePharmHealth. “Our strategic alliance with Strainprint enables us to incorporate powerful and unique real-world insights and evidence-generation that support a disciplined approach for integrative medicine success across the nation.”

VerdePharmHealth, the first organization of its kind in the U.S., provides comprehensive multi-specialty group purchasing, clinical, and healthcare technology solutions designed to drive high-level commitment and affordability for members through accessibility of quality cannabis products from prequalified distributors and manufacturers and leveraging of clinical services and robust technology to improve decisions for interventions at the point of care and monitor real-world evidence.