Vapen CBD Announces Exclusive THC-Free CBD Inhaler

Published: July 11, 2019

Vapen CBD Announces Exclusive THC-Free CBD Inhaler

Vapen MJ Ventures, a fully integrated agricultural technology, services and property management company in the regulated cannabis industry, today announced the launch of their exclusive THC-Free CBD Inhalers. The inhalers feature technology for a precisely metered dose of THC-free, pharmaceutical grade CBD. The line offers three flavors, Raw, Bubblegum and Strawberry, and is available in 1,000 milligram (mg) canisters that deliver 10 mg per puff for a total of 100 puffs per inhaler.

Vapen’s CBD inhaler technology is the best way to get a precisely measured and controlled dose of CBD. Vapen CBD inhalers are convenient and effective with a rapid absorption rate to deliver relief quickly. Each inhaler is produced by hand at Vapen’s U.S. facility to ensure accuracy and are third-party Lab Certified for purity and quality control.

“Vapen CBD makes premium pure, organic and bioavailable broad spectrum and isolate CBD products from our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We are passionate about delivering pure quality CBD products that make you feel better,” said Thai Nguyen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vapen MJ Ventures. “Expanding our product lines into the rapidly growing CBD market will strengthen the Vapen brand and expand our market reach to consumers seeking CBD benefits. This strategy aligns with our long-term growth plans to enhance our product offering, increase our brand awareness, and grow our distribution to drive shareholder value.”

The Vapen line of CBD Inhalers can be viewed and purchased on Vapen MJ’s website, Vapen MJ also wholesales these products to retailers nationwide under the Vapen brand.

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