TruTrace Technologies signs Zenabis to its Cannabis Validation Testing Program

Published: June 28, 2019

TruTrace Technologies signs Zenabis to its Cannabis Validation Testing Program

TruTrace Technologies Inc., creator of the first fully-integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry, today announced that Zenabis Global Inc., a Canadian licensed cultivator of medical and recreational cannabis, will employ the Company’s StrainSecureā„¢ platform to collect, register, manage, track and publish verified testing data of its cannabis plant DNA and strains.

Use of the StrainSecure platform is intended to enable Zenabis to validate its cannabis strains and provide its customers with increased transparency about the authenticity, quality and origin of its products. In addition, Zenabis is joining the Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace medical cannabis verification pilot project announced last week at the World Cannabis Congress. Shoppers aims to improve industry accountability and patient outcomes through the Pilot Project.

“This initiative continues to gain momentum with the signing of a forward-thinking cannabis cultivator like Zenabis who recognizes the value of providing verified product data to their patients and customers,” said TruTrace Technologies CEO Robert Galarza. “The recent launch of this traceability pilot project with Canada’s leading pharmacy brand demonstrates the importance of standardization and traceability in designing and evaluating treatment programs for patients.”

Zenabis’ Chief Revenue Officer, David Lluncor, added, “We’re extremely excited to be part of the pioneer group of licensed producers partnered with TruTrace Technologies and Shoppers Drug Mart, who are committed to increasing transparency, traceability, and standardization in the cannabis industry. In particular, we’re happy to be able to play a role in offering Canadian medical patients and adult-use consumers assurances that they are being supplied safe, high quality, cannabis and hemp CBD products.”

Under the StrainSecure program, the TruTrace team collects plant testing data and performs genomic verification in plant batches which are then registered in a blockchain-enabled database for intellectual property protection and strain validation. All information gathered from the plants, including their molecular and chemical makeup, can be tracked via the program.

TruTrace Technologies has signed multiple licensed producers to the StrainSecure platform since the start of 2019, and is engaged with partners of all types in support of the Pilot Project.

Phase 1 of the Pilot Project is expected to be completed by July 31, with full production and implementation targeted for late November 2019.

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