Toronto's Rotman School of Management Chooses Strainprint Technologies for its 2018 Capstone Course Study

Published: December 5, 2018

Toronto's Rotman School of Management Chooses Strainprint Technologies for its 2018 Capstone Course Study

Strainprint Technologies Ltd, the leader in cannabis data and analytics is pleased to announce that the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has chosen Strainprint as one of the subjects of its 2018 Capstone case study. The Rotman Capstone Case study is a requirement for all full-time graduate MBA students. It is a case-based problem solving course where students work in teams to address real problems that real companies are currently facing.

In a world that increasingly relies on “Big Data”, today’s business leaders must be able to analyze and understand data. The 2018 Capstone students were tasked this year with analyzing Strainprint’s industry-leading patient outcomes data and product positioning in order to identify North American market expansion strategies, amongst other things. Over 94 students were divided into 16 teams that dissected Strainprint’s data and business model over 6 weeks and presented their findings to the Strainprint executive team on Friday Nov 30th in front of their professors and their peers.

In another first, the students were also the very first group to leverage the newly launched Strainprint Community, a secure online discussion platform that provides education and support for the cannabis community. Previous Capstone studies have focused on corporate leaders like Labatt, Bank of Montreal, Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola and Cineplex.

“This is a pivotal and historical moment for our institution as it’s the first time our students have worked with a cannabis organization in any capacity,” said Tabitha Fritz, Capstone Course Manager of the Rotman School of Business. “We’re proud to join the growing number of respected post-secondary institutions across the country providing additional research for the industry, thus improving cannabis business intelligence throughout Canada and beyond.”

Built by patients for patients, Strainprint launched in 2017 with a free medical cannabis journaling app for patients. Today, the app powers Strainprint Analytics, which provides anonymized, crowd-sourced business support and treatment guidance to licensed producers, clinics & physicians, pharmacies, researchers, government, and the entire cannabis industry. With more than 950,000 anonymous patient interactions and over 40 million data points, Strainprint Analytics is the leading source of scientifically-gathered observational medical cannabis data in the world.

“We are so incredibly honoured to be one of the subjects of the 2018 Rotman Capstone case study and we don’t take lightly that we are the first cannabis company to be chosen. Working with such a renowned institution solidifies not only the importance of our leading medical cannabis research, but also the legitimization of our business and industry objectives,” said Strainprint President & CTO, David Berg.