TILT Holdings’ Jupiter Research Announces Production Update Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Published: March 5, 2020

TILT Holdings’ Jupiter Research Announces Production Update Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

TILT Holdings Inc., a foundational technology cannabis platform comprised of assets to support brands worldwide, announced today that its subsidiary Jupiter Research, LLC (“Jupiter”) is back online following Chinese New Year and minor delays associated with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”).

“We are proud to report that manufacturing lines have been open since February 17, 2020, and can confirm our first post-Chinese New Year ocean and air shipments are en route,” stated Mark Scatterday, CEO of TILT and founder/CEO of Jupiter Research. “Each year, Jupiter strategically forecasts inventory positions for the Chinese New Year holiday and beyond, which aims to navigate our customers’ needs when production is halted for a variety of reasons. With product on hand stateside, our sales team has been actively receiving orders and fulfilling customer requests, along with our in-house print operations increasing capacity for domestic fulfillment.”

Jupiter’s warehouse located in Phoenix, Arizona, has inventory to help fulfill customer orders and is available for shipment with domestic carriers. Jupiter offers in-house printing at their headquarters facility in Phoenix to provide custom printed products.

“The Coronavirus outbreak in China has caused production delays across all industries, including ours, which produce products in Shenzhen and other manufacturing hubs along the China coast. Jupiter’s customer’s orders are being produced and shipped, which shows progress our manufacturers and Asian operations team have made. Our inventory position paired with our in-house print production has enabled our ability to continue placing P.O.’s, fulfill both custom and stock orders, and navigate the future potential for unforeseen delays in manufacturing,” added Mr. Scatterday.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, advanced protocols are in place including utilizing clean-room and gowning procedures in a controlled environment during the manufacturing process. Industrial ozone treatment is conducted nightly, and utilized in the storage areas of their facilities. All raw materials undergo a UV sterilization process prior to entering the production floor. Medical grade ethanol, known as an antiseptic for its bactericidal and antifungal effects, is currently used to clean the assembled components at several stages of the manufacturing process.

“Our ongoing commitment at Jupiter is to employee and customer safety, and the highest level of manufacturing processes,” Mr. Scatterday said. “We are optimistic for the future, and we appreciate our customers’ continued confidence and support.”