TILT Holdings’ Blackbird and Cova Team Up to Give Cannabis Retailers a Complete Retail Solution for Improving Sales and Customer Loyalty

Published: March 11, 2020

TILT Holdings’ Blackbird and Cova Team Up to Give Cannabis Retailers a Complete Retail Solution for Improving Sales and Customer Loyalty

Blackbird Holdings Corp., a TILT Holdings Inc. subsidiary, has partnered with Cova Software to offer cannabis stores and dispensaries a retail solution for online ordering, point-of-sale (“POS”), home delivery and customer retention. TILT is a foundational technology cannabis platform comprised of assets to support brands worldwide.

Blackbird has integrated its all-in-one retail platform for cannabis e-commerce and distribution with Cova’s industry leading cannabis retail point-of-sale (POS) system. Retailers no longer need to use multiple systems or complete double entries for online and in-store sales and will gain new ways to attract and retain customers.

“Blackbird has had a close business relationship with Cova since its inception thanks to the natural synergies between our two companies,” said Mark Scatterday, CEO of TILT Holdings. “We are excited to extend that relationship and provide our customers optionality, by integrating our technologies to give cannabis stores and dispensaries what they need most – a simple, seamless retail solution for managing sales and customers end to end.”

Retailers using Cova POS can now add dynamic online menu capabilities with Blackbird. When customers open an account and place an order online, the customer record is automatically created in Cova and the order is pushed into Cova’s retail system. Orders are processed faster, and store inventory is automatically kept up to date in real-time on Blackbird menus, with all the essential pricing, availability and product information.

“At Cova, we constantly look for ways to improve the customer shopping experience,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova. “Collaborating with Blackbird not only helps retailers create a more seamless and rewarding experience across all customer touchpoints, it helps make the complex operations of running a store or dispensary much simpler and efficient.”

The partnership also gives Cova users robust customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Integration of Blackbird’s loyalty and rewards capabilities lets Cova users create enticing loyalty programs to offer points-per-dollar or visit-based rewards, setup point magnifiers to provide happy hour specials, and loyalty tiers to reward their biggest spenders.

Blackbird/Cova integration also offers retailers a variety of marketing tools to engage more customers, including the ability to create text messaging campaigns. Retailers can target the right customers with greater precision and segmentation, improving customer retention while reducing the cost of messaging campaigns. Furthermore, in regions where Blackbird offers home delivery services, the partnership can help keep retailers’ commerce moving with customer deliveries in under two hours.