Theracann and House of Hemp Enter Collaboration Agreement to Build a Sustainable Cannabis Industry In South Africa

Published: June 10, 2019

Theracann and House of Hemp Enter Collaboration Agreement to Build a Sustainable Cannabis Industry In South Africa

House of Hemp (HoH) a licenced pioneer in South African fiber, seed, oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) medicinal production and Theracann International Benchmark Corporation (TIBC) have joined forces to provide the roadmap for South Africa to become a major producer and exporter of medical grade cannabis while simultaneously empowering the local people and communities. The vision of the collaboration agreement is to leverage the experience and expertise of the cannabis industry at large to not only create a medicine for the local people but also to stimulate sustainable growth of South Africa Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) while creating lasting employment opportunities.

The Queen of Cannabis, Dr. Thandeka R Kunene, Executive Chairwoman for House of Hemp (HoH) and the first Cannabis Licensee in South Africa, announced today a partnership with Theracann International, a global leader in pharmaceutical grade cannabis eco systems, securing HoH’s competitive advantage in supplying pharmaceutical grade cannabis to the growing international supply chain. “I am pleased to have secured Theracann International as our technical partners at HoH. Their EUGMP compliant pharmaceutical grade facilities for herbal extract of medicinal grade concentrates is what attracted us to them. Theracann’s GMP compliance software coupled with traceable cultivation technologies (ETCH biotrace) is pioneering the international cannabis industry and will help us ensure ongoing compliance while setting the standard for South Africa. Using this technology, we can provide the authorities, as well as our clients, with confidence in a high quality, repeatable, trackable, traceable, and medical grade cannabis HoH operation that is capable of clean high-end cannabis that meets all standards for international export”, says Dr Thandeka R Kunene.

According to Chris Bolton, Chief Operating Officer of Theracann, “it is with great pleasure that we have been selected by House of Hemp, the catalyst of change in South Africa, to be their technical expert and project management team to achieve medical GMP standard for international cannabis export and to provide the necessary technologies to track every gram, every penny, and to ensure crop quality and reliability.”

By aligning quality, traceability, and repeatability “House of Hemp and Theracann will usher in a new era of commercial opportunities in the medical Cannabis industry for all of South Africa. This partnership will elevate the standards in which the African Cannabis industry is measured,” states Maurice Holmes, Director of International Sales for TIBC.

Mackenzie Lewis, Director of BenchmarkGROW expresses how a new era is being written, “The ability to not only pioneer but expand a thriving cannabis ecosystem in a such a stunning part of the world is a dream come true.”