The Lift & Co. Expo is Back Helping Canada Build Responsible, Prosperous Cannabis and Psychedelics Businesses

Published: September 17, 2021

The Lift & Co. Expo is Back Helping Canada Build Responsible, Prosperous Cannabis and Psychedelics Businesses

The Lift & Co. Expo Toronto, November 18-21, 2021, being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, is much more than a tradeshow that accelerates cannabis and psychedelics brands. It is an educational conference series that offers delegates the opportunity to choose the professional learning that suit them best.

Whether it is the Lift Cannabis Business Conference, Nov. 18, Lift & Co. Expo’s Industry Day or Consumer Days, Nov. 19-21, or the new Lift Psychedelics Business Summit, Nov. 19, these events are where Canada’s cannabis and psychedelics professionals come to elevate their business strategy, refresh their perspectives, renew their energy, and collaborate with their peers.

Each day of the educational programming focuses on the unique challenges and specific issues related to cannabis sector business strategy, psychedelics research and business development, operational excellence, regulatory compliance, as well as developing innovations for recreational and medical cannabis, plus new psychedelics therapies.

With this broad and diverse curriculum, delivered over four days, businesses can benefit from registering different representatives on different days to gain a broad scope of learning, tips, tactics, and new approaches that are comprehensive, cutting-edge and can be shared with colleagues when they return to their office, lab, grow facility, and so on.

The aim of the conference series is to offer delegates more choice, more information, and more ideas, related to:

  • New cannabis and psychedelics products, suppliers, and professional services
  • Updates on related law, regulations, policies, guidelines, and compliance
  • Proposed and new public health and safety requirements
  • Changes to finance and banking practices and services for the cannabis and psychedelics sectors
  • Educating health practitioners, regulators, insurers, employers, and the public
  • Fresh approaches for GR, PR and maximizing marketing and promotion
  • Workforce planning, skills training, talent recruiting and retention, and more.

Ticket sales, speakers, and an agenda can be found at:

Join our distinguished faculty of speakers and network with top cannabis and psychedelics business executives, advisors, policymakers, regulators, researchers, industry suppliers and professional services, at Canada’s leading business leadership and consumer event for the cannabis and psychedelics industries. Tickets are on sale now!

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