The Good Shroom Co Doubles Down on Its Hash Success With a Series of New Hash Products

Published: October 3, 2022

The Good Shroom Co Doubles Down on Its Hash Success With a Series of New Hash Products

The Good Shroom Co Inc. through its subsidiary Teonan Biomedical Inc., operates Nordique Royale and is pleased to announce that it has begun selling another hash product in Canada’s largest hash market, Quebec.

Le Kush X by Nordique Royale launches today. The Company received its first PO for this product for $24,030 and is expected to receive replenishment PO’s every 1 to 2 weeks for this product in addition to its other products. This launch is occurring in approximately 30% of all stores for the first 6 months and is expected to move into all stores thereafter. The size of its PO’s are also expected to increase concurrently at that time. The Company also has 3 other hash products presently sold in Quebec and expects to increase its market share significantly with a series of new product launches in the hash, infused pre-roll and cannabis flower segments occurring in the next 3 months.

The current hash market in Quebec is worth approximately $55M annually. The Company must also rectify an error made in the press release of April 1, 2022 where it was stated that the term of the options granted to Paradox Public Relations Inc. is two years when in fact it is three years.

About the Company
MUSH operates a portfolio of brands which include traditional cannabis and beverage products. It exists to promote the use of functional ingredients such as probiotics and functional mushrooms in consumer products. We all have a daily routine; be it coffee, tea or another. Why not make that routine functional for body and mind by adding probiotics and mushrooms to it? Up to now no company has been able to maintain a familiar taste at a fair price while making them truly functional. The Good Shroom Co has bridged that gap and intends on making its brands household names for making it a part of its customers daily routine.