The Cannavore Wins Micron Waste Cannabis Digester Naming Contest

Published: August 15, 2018

The Cannavore Wins Micron Waste Cannabis Digester Naming Contest

Micron Waste Technologies Inc., a leading developer of aerobic digester solutions for the treatment of organic food and cannabis waste, announced The Cannavore™ name has won the Company’s Cannabis Waste Digester Naming Contest.

The Cannavore name was chosen following a crowd-sourced contest which collected 2379 product name submissions from entrants in Canada and the United States. The winning entry was selected by cannabis industry experts Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer for Aurora Cannabis Inc.; Noelle Skodzinski, Editorial Director, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary magazine and The Cannabis Conference; and James West, Editor and Publisher of the Midas Letter and the Midas Letter Live. Pending confirmation of compliance with contest rules regarding residency and age, the contest prize of $2,000 USD and an all-expenses paid trip for two to christen the first Cannavore digester at Aurora Cannabis Inc’s (“Aurora”) (TSX: ACB) Mountain facility outside Calgary, Alberta will go Jack Ponte of Ontario.

“We’d like to thank Mr. Ponte and everyone who entered the Digester Naming Contest,” said Micron President Alfred Wong. “The creativity of entries made choosing a winner very difficult, but The Cannavore edged out the competition with its combined cleverness, simplicity and originality.”

The Cannavore digester, an industrial-grade cannabis waste processor, pulverizes and renders plant waste in combination with a proprietary blend of microbes and enzymes designed and developed by Micron. Importantly, as part of Micron’s full-system waste treatment platform, effluent from the digester is further treated to derive clean greywater which can be re-used in growing operations. Alternatively, the treated regulatory-compliant greywater from The Cannavore digester, which meets municipal discharge standards, can be safely discharged. Active Pharmaceutical Compounds (ACBs) in cannabis waste are denatured on-site at cannabis cultivation facilities by a Micron-developed biotechnology process, eliminating risk of public and ecosystem exposure. ACB-free bio-solids from The Cannavore are saleable as livestock fodder.

“The Cannavore unit is progressing well through optimization of several distinct capabilities– cannabis waste digestion, wastewater extraction and purification, the denaturing of active pharmaceuticals and the calibration of all sensors and software, including remote operation,” said Micron Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bob Bhushan.