The BC Bud Co. Applauds DEA Action, Prepares for North American Opportunities and Provides Corporate Update

Published: May 3, 2024

The BC Bud Co. Applauds DEA Action, Prepares for North American Opportunities and Provides Corporate Update

The BC Bud Corporation, a house of high-quality cannabis brands based out of British Columbia, Canada, applauds the DEA and US Federal movement towards rescheduling cannabis. The Biden administration is poised to reclassify cannabis as a substance of lower risk, marking a historic and timely shift that recognizes the medicinal benefits of a long-criminalized and unfairly stigmatized drug. This move carries significant implications for cannabis-related research and the industry as a whole.

The US Department of Justice is anticipated to suggest the rescheduling of cannabis as a Schedule III controlled substance. This classification aligns it with prescription medications like ketamine and Tylenol with codeine.

“The BC Bud Co has long awaited this historic shift and remains dedicated to evaluating opportunities across North America and soon globally to introduce our brands to evolving consumer markets,” stated CEO Brayden Sutton. “We are confident in our positioning for growth, despite the challenges present in the cannabis sector. Preparation for this change has involved ongoing discussions with key US contacts over an extended period. With conditions becoming increasingly favorable for commerce in the cannabis space, we are committed to advancing these discussions further.”

Focused on Responsibility, Maturity and Longevity
The BC Bud Co. stands out as a responsible yet street-smart participant in the cannabis market. Backed by a history of financial prudence and deep-rooted experience in the industry, the company has primarily relied on funding from its founders and management, laying a robust foundation for sustainable growth with ready access to capital as needed. By consciously opting to remain asset-light, the company prioritizes its products and the consumer experience over infrastructure and human capital.

Exploring M&A Opportunities
Primed for strategic growth in North America and beyond, The BC Bud Co. is actively pursuing promising Merger and Acquisition prospects, though at this time no specific transactions have progressed beyond initial negotiations. Drawing upon its wealth of industry expertise, the company is ready to forge potential partnerships in the United States and abroad. Moreover, The BC Bud Co. is actively scouting for US-based advisors to access top-tier, value-enhancing opportunities.

Direct Delivery Initiatives
Aligned with its dedication to customer-centric services, The BC Bud Co. is ramping up its focus on direct delivery services to bolster the accessibility and transparency of its premium cannabis products with new BC-based partners.

Anticipating a Prosperous 2024
As Canada enters its sixth year of cannabis legalization, The BC Bud Co. looks ahead with optimism, particularly as the sector navigates a bottoming-out phase. Positioned strategically, the company is poised to seize emerging opportunities for a prosperous and transformative 2024. The BC Bud Co. welcomes stakeholders, partners, and the public to join in its journey toward ongoing success. For further details, please visit or reach out via email at

About The BC Bud Co.
The BC Bud Co. is a publicly traded Canadian cannabis company headquartered in British Columbia. Renowned for its responsibility, maturity, and unwavering commitment to quality, the company is steadfastly dedicated to overcoming the challenges inherent in the cannabis sector while striving for sustained growth.