THC Submits New Product Application to Health Canada for Pure Cannabis Sticks

Published: September 18, 2019

THC Submits New Product Application to Health Canada for Pure Cannabis Sticks

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. has submitted a new product application to Health Canada for THC BioMed’s Pure Cannabis Sticks. Pure Cannabis Sticks are filtered, paper cylinders filled with pure THC BioMed cannabis. Pure Cannabis Sticks are to be manufactured using THC BioMed’s automated production machine. They are to be packaged in lots of 3 and 20. Each Pure Cannabis Stick is intended for a single-use session and has a biodegradable filter.

The filters are natural, rapidly degrading and commercial-quality, made using raw materials that include flax, cotton, and manila hemp, with no artificial compounds. The purpose of the filters is convenience only. A filter is there to stop loose cannabis from going into a user’s mouth.

“We look forward to the approval of our Pure Cannabis Sticks,” commented John Miller, CEO of THC Biomed, “The introduction of these automated cannabis pre-rolled cylinders would make a significant change in the cannabis industry.”

If approved by Health Canada, THC BioMed ( intends to discuss co-manufacturing agreements with larger Licensed Producers, some of whom have already expressed an interest to THC. If these co-manufacturing agreements are realized, THC would manufacture pre-rolls on behalf of other Licensed Producers.

“We see great potential in Pure Cannabis Sticks. We expect them to provide a new and significant revenue stream for our company,” Miller said, “We believe that licensed producers need to be more innovative and invent their own brands of new products that are better than what is available on the gray market, rather than copying and competing with current gray market products.”

If approved by Health Canada, THC Biomed would be the first Canadian licensed cannabis producer to distribute Pure Cannabis Sticks.

THC is an ACMPR Licensed Producer and Canada’s largest supplier of legal Cannabis Genetics. THC is on the leading edge of scientific research and the development of products and services related to the medical cannabis industry. Management believes THC is well-positioned to be in the forefront of this rapidly growing industry. Please visit our website for a more detailed description of our business and services available.