THC BioMed Orders Biodegradable Filters for its Automated Pre-Rolls

Published: June 20, 2019

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. has placed an order for biodegradable filters for its automated pre-rolls. The filters are natural, rapidly degrading and commercial-quality, using raw materials that include flax, cotton, and manila hemp with no artificial compounds.

The manufacturer advises that the average time for degradation of these patented filters is 3 days in compost or 2 minutes when dispersed in water at 150 rpm agitation. In comparison, it can take up to 15 years for common acetate filters to degrade. The filters are designed to comply with single-use plastic bans, which are already in place in Europe, are coming into effect in Vancouver B.C. in 2020 and are being discussed for eventual adoption in other parts of Canada.

THC clarifies the filters are there only for convenience purposes to stop loose cannabis from going into a user’s mouth. The Company will in due course submit an application for product approval and be subject to the 60-day notice of new cannabis product becoming available for sale, which is required pursuant to Appendix I of Canada’s updated Cannabis Licence Management Guide.