THC BioMed Develops Cannabis Beverage

Published: August 9, 2018

THC BioMed Develops Cannabis Beverage

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. has developed a cannabis beverage that mimics alcohol in that the uplifting and energizing effects of the cannabis is felt by the consumer in a short period of time. THC believes that this beverage is a solution to a major problem with cannabis beverages and edibles, as current products cause fatigue and drowsiness.

John Miller CEO commented, “THC has conducted extensive research on cannabis edibles and beverages and I have found our product to be exclusive in its category. Our product is absolutely unique in contrast to other products in the industry that simply cannot deliver the expected experience, especially if you are a frequent cannabis user. We are thrilled to have formulated a cannabis beverage that is purely organic, works in a recreational setting and can offer even the most seasoned consumers an entirely new and invigorating experience.”

Furthermore, it is the first cannabis beverage known to THC that delivers both mental and body highs through ingestion. THC intends to patent this formula and the Company is confident its beverage, to be named “THC KISS”, when legally allowed, will bring a fresh experience to the adult use recreational cannabis market.

Although production and sale of the beverage is not currently legal in Canada, it may become legal at a later date.