Supreme Cannabis Expands International Medical Cannabis Shipments

Published: January 11, 2021

Supreme Cannabis Expands International Medical Cannabis Shipments

The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc.  has made its first shipment of medical cannabis to Australia in a private label transaction in which the Company’s medical cannabis will be sold in 10-gram containers and will be distributed to patients across the country.

The Australian medical cannabis market was characterized by strong year-over-year growth in 2020. According to FreshLeaf Analytics’ Australian Medicinal Cannabis Market Patient and Pricing Analysis for Q3 2020, the Australian medical cannabis market is expected to triple with regards to active patients and product sales measured by revenue.

The Company also completed its fourth shipment of calendar 2020 to Israel through the Company’s partnership with Breath of Life International Ltd. (“BOL Pharma”), Israel’s largest and leading producer of medical cannabis and cannabis products. This shipment was the largest to date of Jean Guy and Sensi Star strains, sold under the Truverra label.

“We are pleased to be introducing our medical cannabis to the Australian market,” said Beena Goldenberg, President and CEO of Supreme Cannabis. “Having already completed shipments to Israel, our first sale into the Australian market is a meaningful step toward executing on our international medical strategy of creating additional wholesale medical partnerships in various international jurisdictions. We are committed to supplying high-quality medical cannabis to our partners; Australian patients will now be able to access our Jean Guy strain, which is a tribute to the legendary variety offered by the Montreal Compassion Club. We are impressed by the significant growth of the Australian medical cannabis market and we look forward to opportunities to expand our Australian partnership and help more Australian patients in 2021.”

Supreme Cannabis’ portfolio of brands caters to diverse consumer and patient experiences, with brands and products that address recreational, wellness, medical and new consumer preferences. The Company’s recreational brand portfolio includes, 7ACRES, 7ACRES Craft Collective, Blissco, sugarleaf, and Hiway. Supreme Cannabis addresses national and international medical cannabis opportunities through its premium Truverra brand.

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