Sundial Supplies High-Quality Cannabis to British Columbia

Published: September 11, 2019

Sundial Supplies High-Quality Cannabis to British Columbia

Sundial Growers Inc. has added British Columbia (BC) to the growing list of provinces it supplies high-quality cannabis to.

“As Sundial is expanding quickly, making our products available in BC, where there is a strong and enthusiastic cannabis culture, is exciting,” said Andrew Stordeur, President of Sundial’s Canadian operations. “BC is eager to receive safe, reliable and consistent products, and we are pleased to be able to provide our Sundial products to meet consumer needs.”

Earlier this year, Sundial and the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) signed an agreement enabling Sundial to sell its cannabis products in BC. Consumers are now able to purchase Sundial products through LDB’s online store or through traditional legally operating retail stores. The LDB is the sole wholesale distributor and public retailer of non-medical cannabis in BC.

Sundial’s initial entry into the BC market will be with its Sundial brand. This brand offers five product lines: Calm, Ease, Flow, Lift and Spark. Each product line is carefully crafted using small batches and nurtured by master growers to create a consistently high-quality cannabis that evokes a positive consumer experience.

Under Sundial’s Calm product line, Zen Berry, an indica-dominant Shishkaberry strain will be the first Sundial product available to BC consumers. More products are expected to arrive this fall from the company’s Lift product line, such as Lemon Riot and Citrus Punch.

Sundial is also the proud owner of premium cannabis brands, Top Leaf and BC Weed Co., and hopes to make these products available to the BC market in the future. These brands are recognized throughout the industry and supported by award-winning cultivars and loyal consumers.

Sundial’s products are currently available in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.