Sugarbud Expands Product Portfolio In Ontario

Published: June 25, 2021

Sugarbud Expands Product Portfolio In Ontario

Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. announced the expansion of the Company’s product portfolio in Ontario with the launch of Mule Fuel. Mule Fuel is a very unique high-potency, high-terpene phenotype with a total THC range between 18-24% and terpene profiles between 3-5%.

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“We are delighted to be expanding our Craft Cannabis Collection in the Province of Ontario – Canada’s largest and fastest growing recreational cannabis market,” stated Sugarbud’s CEO, John Kondrosky. “In addition to providing Ontario consumers with the potency profiles they are asking for, Mule Fuel is yet another fine example and embodiment of the house style and craftsmanship that has come to define Sugarbud Craft Cannabis – dense sugary buds, exceptional terpene forward aromas and smooth flavors,” concluded Mr. Kondrosky.

The Company has received initial purchase orders from the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”) and expects Mule Fuel 3.5g Dried Flower to be available for purchase from private cannabis retailers throughout Ontario and online at in early Q3, 2021. The OCS is Ontario’s only legal online retailer and is responsible for the wholesale distribution of recreational cannabis products to private retailers in the Province.

About Sugarbud
Sugarbud is an Alberta-based, consumer-driven boutique craft cannabis company – focused on the cultivation and production of exceptionally high-quality products for the most discerning of cannabis consumers. Sugarbud’s Craft Cannabis Collection strives to define the intersection of product craftsmanship, quality and value for consumers in the Canadian recreational cannabis space.