Strainprint Technologies Ltd. Adds GrowWise Health Education Centres to Roster

Published: November 1, 2018

Strainprint Technologies Ltd. Adds GrowWise Health Education Centres to Roster

Strainprint, the leader in cannabis data and analytics, is pleased to welcome GrowWise Health Limited to its fast-growing list of subscribing customers. With education centres across Ontario and British Columbia, GrowWise provides comprehensive education and treatment services to help patients and physicians make informed choices about medical cannabis. GrowWise will leverage Strainprint’s full technology suite across its network through an enterprise-wide license.

“We are thrilled to be working with GrowWise. Their passion and commitment to helping patients runs deep and that is aligned with everything that we do. Getting the opportunity to roll-out our state-of-the-art platform across the GrowWise network further validates our focus on the scientific understanding of cannabis for medical purposes,” said Strainprint CEO, Andrew Muroff.

GrowWise will roll-out the Clinic Edition of the Strainprint Analytics web portal across its clinic network giving patient educators access to more than 38 million data points on strain efficacy from more than 900,000 verified patient interactions – the largest and most granular data set of its kind in the world. This will allow GrowWise to better personalize each patient visit, while at the same time optimize clinic efficiency and throughput.

“GrowWise is committed to helping patients achieve optimal therapeutic benefits from their medication. As we continually look for ways to improve treatment guidance and enhance patient outcomes, we found Strainprint to be the platform that best integrates data gathering functionality with engagement and data visualization tools, along with the most comprehensive and granular source of real-time data,” said Breanna Roycroft, Vice President of GrowWise. “The Strainprint platform will complement our existing knowledge base and help us to shape our patient education initiatives now and into the future.”

GrowWise patients will access Strainprint’s industry-leading patient journaling app through a unique ‘activation code’. Patients will be encouraged to log their medication sessions and quickly learn which strains, dosage and administration methods may work best for their symptoms and conditions. By integrating personalized medication history into clinic workflow, GrowWise clinicians can monitor patient performance in real-time [AS2] on Strainprint Analytics and compare patient success against their cohorts in the global data set to optimize treatment guidance and improve quality of life.

The integrated Strainprint platform will also give GrowWise an unparalleled opportunity to conduct any number of retroactive cannabis research studies, for example by specific indication, age, gender or mode of administration.

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