Stigma Grow Announces Sales License Partnership to Launch BevCanna's Portfolio of Cannabis-Infused Beverages and Products

Published: March 16, 2021

Stigma Grow Announces Sales License Partnership to Launch BevCanna's Portfolio of Cannabis-Infused Beverages and Products

Stigma Grow and their parent company CanadaBis Capital Inc. announced they have formed a partnership with beverage and natural products company, BevCanna Enterprises Inc. to launch the award-winning Keef Brands line of cannabis-infused beverages across Canada, along with BevCanna’s in-house and white label client products under Stigma Grow’s sales license. Execution of this Sales License Partnership will streamline BevCanna’s product commercialization and fast-track their Canadian market penetration, as Stigma’s established network of buyers and distributors provides a valuable pathway to market.

“We’re happy to partner with BevCanna in launching their portfolio of products across Canada,” said Travis McIntyre, CEO of Stigma Grow. “We are in the unique position of understanding the value that can come with aligning with the right-fit partners as we all navigate our market entrances. We feel that the brand culture and business acumen were both good fits with BevCanna.”

By leveraging the mix of Stigma’s existing Canada-wide distribution network, growing line-up of in-demand BHO (butane hash oil) concentrate brands, and the addition of BevCanna’s diverse portfolio of products under Stigma’s license, the Company is creating a more exciting and robust story to tell as it continues to introduce itself, and its partners, to new retail customers across the country.

About Stigma Grow
Stigma Grow is a cutting-edge cannabis cultivation and BHO extraction company positioned advantageously to strive to meet the unmet market demands and stigmas within the legal cannabis industry head on, with products designed to disturb the status quo and dramatically shift the conversation surrounding Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

About BevCanna Enterprises Inc.
BevCanna Enterprises Inc. is a diversified health & wellness beverage and natural products company. BevCanna develops and manufactures a range of plant-based and cannabinoid beverages and supplements for both in-house brands and white-label clients.

About CanadaBis Capital Inc.
CanadaBis Capital Inc. is a vertically integrated Canadian cannabis company focused on achieving large-scale growth in the fast-emerging global cannabis market. By targeting organic growth opportunities alongside the right-fit partners, we remain focused on finding and capitalizing on chances to grow, diversify and continue to lead our industry.

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