Station House Pre-Roll Product Continues to Outperform for Licensed Producer Sensi Brands

Published: May 11, 2021

Station House Pre-Roll Product Continues to Outperform for Licensed Producer Sensi Brands

Canadian licensed cannabis producer Sensi Brands announced that it will be ramping-up retailer access to its signature pre-roll brand, Station House, in response to increased demand for its Amnesia Haze SKU in Ontario and other markets.

According to sales data from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Station House pre-rolls have outperformed in 2021, having garnered the third highest in March sales at OCS, and fourth highest in 2021 YTD sales by total revenue. Additionally, Sensi Brands has exceeded expectations in popularity in other markets including Nova Scotia, where it is ranked second among all LPs by pre-roll sales and third in pre-roll by SKU since launch. Sensi Brands currently holds an 8.6% market share in Ontario and 12% in Nova Scotia.

“When we created Station House,” says Sensi Brands CEO Tony Giorgi, “it was about bringing thoughtful product design and volume formats to the underserved pre-roll category. We’ve succeeded in our mission of showing consumers that  value and convenience are not mutually exclusive. We expect to see more multi-packs come to the pre-roll market and expect to see the space heat up considerably.”

Station House’s success in Ontario, Canada’s largest and most competitive marketplace, has prompted OCS to make the Amnesia Haze pre-rolls (6-pack and 12-pack SKUs) more widely available for retailers. Beginning this month, retailers will have increased access and no limits on pull-downs, making Amnesia Haze a mainstay offering for OCS customers. Station House pre-rolls of the heady sativa-dominant strain that feature aromas of pine, musk and fresh citrus have quickly become asked for by name.

“We are extremely proud of Station House’s success and are excited to work with the OCS to make our brand and products more widely accessible to Ontario consumers,” adds Giorgi. “We will continue offering high-quality products, and supporting our Core Products, with a rotating selection of strains that will keep consumers engaged.”

The news comes on the heels of Station House’s recent announcement of a 24-pack of pre-rolls at OCS as a limited time offering—a first for the Ontario recreational market. Station House has appealed to consumers through its product design. Its signature multi-packs are easy to carry, and help maintain product integrity for longer with a humidity device, creating best-in-class value for consumers. All Station House pre-rolls are machine rolled and hand finished at SBI’s licensed, state-of-the art facility in St. Thomas, Ontario, achieving an even, consistent burn for all its pre-roll products.

About Sensi Brands Inc.
Sensi Brands Inc. (SBI) is a Canadian licensed cannabis cultivation and consumer packaged goods company producing and distributing a broad range of quality cannabis products and services. Led by an experienced and successful management team, SBI operates four lines of business servicing the domestic cannabis industry including: wholesale product distribution, automated processing and co-packaging services, a consumer brands portfolio, and a full-service medical cannabis clinic.

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