Spectrum Therapeutics Announces Strategic Patient Support and Education Partnership with Medical Pharmacies

Published: August 9, 2019

Spectrum Therapeutics Announces Strategic Patient Support and Education Partnership with Medical Pharmacies

Spectrum Therapeutics, the medical division of Canopy Growth Corporation has entered into a five-year service agreement with Medical Pharmacies Group Limited, Canada’s largest specialty pharmacy that services residents in long-term care, retirement homes and other settings. Under the agreement, Spectrum Therapeutics will be the preferred medical cannabis education partner to Medical Pharmacies and the seniors it serves in over 500 residences and care facilities.

The agreement will also see Apollo Cannabis Clinics (“Apollo”) support patient access and provide ongoing comprehensive medical support to all pharmacists, nursing staff and medical directors in order to ensure utilization of medical cannabis that maximizes safety and efficacy. Apollo is a leading evidence-based cannabis clinic with physical locations in Toronto and virtual access to its clinical team available country-wide.

Spectrum Therapeutics products that will be available to residents in long-term care and retirement homes served by Medical Pharmacies includes a full lineup of medical cannabis ranging from whole-flower to oils and Softgels. Spectrum Therapeutics is known for its easy-to-understand colour-coded spectrum that categorizes medical cannabis according to THC and CBD levels. This is especially appealing amongst seniors given the simplification around strength and dosage which helps healthcare professionals and their patients communicate clearly about product selection.

“Many seniors still face significant barriers when it comes to access and knowledge around the therapeutic value of medical cannabis,” said Dr. Mark Ware, Chief Medical Officer, Canopy Growth. “However with the knowledge and support of trained pharmacists along with Apollo Cannabis Clinics and our full-spectrum range of medical cannabis which includes Softgels, a consistent dosing format of ingestible medical cannabis, we’re ensuring the highest degree of safety and efficacy of medical cannabis is available to this patient population.”

“Apollo is looking forward to providing Canadian seniors living in long term care homes with unparalleled access to the highest quality medical cannabis, care & education,” commented Bryan Hendin, President & Founder, Apollo Cannabis Clinics.

Spectrum Therapeutics will work collaboratively with Medical Pharmacies to educate all of its healthcare practitioners, residents and families on the benefits, risks and potential applications of medical cannabis and its potential interactions with existing medications, other treatments and health conditions. Medical Pharmacies will ensure all residents will be able to receive ongoing clinical support from on-site pharmacists and have cannabis integrated into existing care plans if they wish to do so. Clinical pharmacists are in an ideal position to provide guidance on the interaction of medical cannabis with other medications to residents at long-term care and retirement homes as they are specially trained in geriatric medications, monitor all of the residents’ medication and work onsite directly with residents at continuing care facilities.

“We look forward to providing holistic pharmaceutical oversight to medical cannabis and are pleased to partner with Spectrum Therapeutics and Apollo Cannabis Clinics to offer safe, supportive, integrated care and seamless delivery for our residents,” stated John Leader, CEO of Medical Pharmacies Group Limited. “With many decades of experience providing quality service, people can trust Medical Pharmacies to lead the way in the safe delivery and integration of medical cannabis into their care.”

Medical Pharmacies has played an integral role in the development of the care pathway and protocols through its clinical research arm for the ongoing pilot study previously announced by Spectrum Therapeutics with the Ontario Long Term Care Association. This first-of-its-kind study is examining how medical cannabis can potentially displace other, less-desirable therapeutics for both pain and cognitive function for residents in a select group of homes.

This three-way partnership will ensure seniors receive the best care possible.

About Medical Pharmacies
Medical Pharmacies (MPGL) is Canada’s leading pharmacy specializing in providing pharmacy services to long term care, retirement home and extended care facilities.

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