Spectrum Cannabis Introduces SoftGels to Product Line

Published: June 18, 2018

Spectrum Cannabis Introduces SoftGels to Product Line

Spectrum Cannabis, the global medical subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation announced the introduction of convenient, colour-coded Softgels to its product line in Canada. These innovative new products, available today, provide patients and healthcare professionals with a consistent dosing format for ingestible medical cannabis, supporting simplified dosing and a simplified conversation between patients and their healthcare practitioners.

“Launching Spectrum Cannabis Softgels embodies our ongoing commitment to medical customers. Spectrum Cannabis will continue to offer the best products available with a focus on innovative, easy-to-dose and understand options,” said Mark Zekulin, President, Canopy Growth. “Delivering these new, extract based Softgels is another success as we focus on providing solutions for the patients who depend on medical cannabis and the healthcare professionals who prescribe it.”

Each coloured Softgel aligns to the broader Spectrum Cannabis offering and contains a different ratio of THC and CBD to give patients clear options while also supporting healthcare professionals’ ability to make consistent treatment recommendations.

The newly introduced Spectrum Softgels are the latest cannabis extract product introduced by the Company and reflect the growing desire for easy to use, medical cannabis products that go beyond whole-flower. As the clinical work of Canopy Health Innovations accelerates, value-add Spectrum Cannabis products will form the backbone of the Company’s ambitious global clinical research framework.

Spectrum Softgels are produced to exacting standards in the Smiths Falls GMP-1 certified production campus. Thanks to investments in industrial-scale facilities, customers and healthcare professionals can choose Spectrum Cannabis with the confidence that access won’t be restrained by inadequate supply.

Knowing that product availability continues to be a challenge in the cannabis industry in Canada, and to back up its commitment to medical patients in the lead-up to recreational legalization, the Company is committing to its customers that Spectrum Cannabis Softgels and oils will always be in stock moving forward.

Launching Spectrum Cannabis Softgels builds on the recent announcement that upon the passing of the Cannabis Act, the Company will absorb the proposed excise tax on all Spectrum Cannabis products sold in Canada, including our new Softgels offering. On top of this, all Spectrum Cannabis dried flower products will be priced at $8.50 per gram or less and, as always, Spectrum Cannabis products in Canada are eligible for our industry-first Compassionate Pricing Program that helps those on limited incomes afford their medicine.

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