SpeakEasy Cannabis Engages Torrey Hills Capital

Published: March 8, 2021

SpeakEasy Cannabis Engages Torrey Hills Capital

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd., a holder of a federal licence to cultivate, process and sell cannabis under the Cannabis Act, is pleased to announce that it has engaged San Diego Torrey Hills Capital, Inc., a Rancho Santa Fe, California based investor relations firm, to provide market awareness and investor relations services to the Company, subject to acceptance by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). Cliff Mastricola is the principal of Torrey Hills Capital and will be responsible for all activities related to SpeakEasy.

Torrey Hills Capital is an investor and financial public relations firm specializing in small and microcap companies. Torrey Hills Capital will increase awareness about SpeakEasy through its established relationships with investment professionals, investment advisors, and money managers focused on the microcap market space. This will allow the Company to build and maintain an informed investor audience in both the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces.

Torrey Hills Capital has been engaged at a rate of US$6,500 per month for an initial term of three months. After the initial term, the agreement will be automatically extended, subject to a 30-day termination notice by either party. SpeakEasy has also agreed to a one-time grant of 200,000 incentive stock options (the “Options”) exercisable at a price of C$0.54 per share for a period of three years. The Options will be subject to the terms of the Company’s stock option plan and will vest in accordance with the provisions therein and the policies of the CSE.

Torrey Hills Capital currently has no direct or indirect interest in the securities of SpeakEasy, or any right or intent to acquire such an interest except pursuant to the exercise of the above referenced Options. The appointment of Torrey Hills Capital as an investor relations consultant of SpeakEasy and the granting of the Options remain subject to regulatory acceptance of applicable filings with the CSE.

Torrey Hills Capital was formed in 1998 and is headquartered in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  The team of professionals offers experience and expertise in investor relations, corporate communications, non-deal roadshows, and market support activities. Further information is available atwww.torreyhillscapital.com

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. holds a cultivation, processing and sales licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis ActSpeakEasy owns 290 acres of land in Rock Creek, British Columbia, and leverages five generations of farming experience in B.C. as well as its favorable location to grow and process high-quality cannabis products at low cost. SpeakEasy cultivates small batch, high quality craft cannabis at scale in a portion of its 63,200 square foot indoor cannabis complex and has completed its harvest of its 60-acre outdoor field. Total yearly production of cannabis flower and biomass is projected to be in excess of 70,000 kilograms per year once in full production.