SpeakEasy Announces Completion of Moving its Genetics Catalogue Into its Facility

Published: July 30, 2019

SpeakEasy Announces Completion of Moving its Genetics Catalogue Into its Facility

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. has completed moving its diverse and massive in scale genetics into its facility in anticipation of receiving its cultivation licence in the near future. Fulfilling the requirement of having genetics present in the facility at the time of licensing, SpeakEasy followed Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations to the letter. In addition to following federally mandated Cannabis Regulations, SpeakEasy consulted with provincial and municipal governments, as well, as its local RCMP to ensure proper procedures were followed, prior to any movement of the genetics being completed.

SpeakEasy has accumulated an impressive library of unique genetics from sources outside existing License Holders, that will be used as starting material and are currently secured within the facility. The current genetics catalogue spans the full spectrum, providing the ability to produce a wide range of product grown both indoor and outdoor, as well as, permitting the ability to develop new strains, unique to SpeakEasy.

“We believe we have one of the largest genetics libraries in the industry, we are very fortunate to have such incredible partnerships with industry professionals and genetics experts,” said Patrick Geen, Head Grower.

Our outdoor cultivation site stands ready to receive starting material, upon granting of our initial cultivation license we plan to immediately submit our evidence package for our outdoor field to amend our license to allow outdoor cultivation area on our 60 acre field. “Going from a cherry orchard, which has laid fallow for years, to a built out outdoor cultivation area ready for growing cannabis in four and a half months has been an incredible achievement, I am so proud of everyone in the SpeakEasy family for their extraordinary efforts and accomplishments,” added Bin Huang, CEO.

SpeakEasy is also pleased to announce that it has hired former RCMP officer Grant Bernier. Upon Mr. Bernier’s security clearance through Health Canada, he will assume the position of Chief Security Officer. With his appointment, the Company aims to set a new standard in compliance within the industry. Grant will have the authority to preform independent audits within the Company and will have complete autonomy. We believe once this system is in place it will set the standard for compliance in the industry. “We have the utmost confidence that our products will be second to none and we will continue to strive to ensure that it will remain that way. Additionally, it’s exciting to know our Company from top to bottom, will become the cornerstone of exemplary industry standards,” said Zena Prokosh, SpeakEasy’s QAP.

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