SOL Global Acquires 10.3 Percent Stake in Premium Beauty and Wellness Company Sacred Hemp

Published: April 3, 2019

SOL Global Acquires 10.3 Percent Stake in Premium Beauty and Wellness Company Sacred Hemp

SOL Global Investments Corp. announced its latest strategic investment, a significant position in premium hemp company Sacred Hemp. The company has acquired a 10.3 percent stake in Sacred, the Chicago, Illinois-based manufacturer of premium hempseed oil-infused products including pain relief balms and oils, feminine products, massage oils, salt soaks, and personal lubricants. SOL Global will assign its position in Sacred to its hemp/CBD-focused international subsidiary, Heavenly Rx.

Sacred’s product line includes its bestselling all-natural pain relief balms and lotions, made from a combination of natural hempseed oil extracts, essential oils, and menthol. Sacred’s Therapeutic Massage Oil is designed to rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin types and can help to reduce muscle inflammation and relieve muscle aches and pains. Sacred also offers four different varieties of salt soaks, including its Acai Berry Soak and its Dead Sea Salt Soak, as well as two varieties of natural hemp oil-infused personal lubricant, designed to enhance intimacy without irritants or harsh chemicals. Their female specific products include a PMS Pain Balm as well as an all-natural feminine wash.

“Sacred Hemp’s wide range of hemp-derived products, representing numerous product categories across the cosmetics and bath and body space, is the perfect addition to Heavenly Rx’s substantial portfolio of hemp and CBD companies,” said Andy DeFrancesco, Chief Investment Officer of SOL Global. “We couldn’t be more excited to support Sacred Hemp and look forward to continued growth and innovation from its expert management team and dedicated staff.”

“SOL Global’s investment will help Sacred pursue Food and Drug Administration approval for its hemp seed oil-derived pain relief balms and lotions, with the aim of becoming among the first hemp companies in the United States to receive FDA approval,” said Sacred Hemp CEO Silvia Orizaba. “SOL’s investment will also help our company fortify and expand our existing product lines, as well as ramp up our consumer outreach efforts.”

SOL Global will review its investment in Sacred on a continuing basis and reserves the right to take any action with respect to its investment it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, purchasing additional shares of Sacred, selling some or all of its shares of Sacred, or otherwise modifying its investment strategy with regard to Sacred.

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