SiliCycle Receives Its Cannabis Processing Licence from Health Canada

Published: August 6, 2020

SiliCycle Receives Its Cannabis Processing Licence from Health Canada

Senior management of SiliCycle is pleased to have taken a new step towards the commercialization of purified extracts of various cannabinoids with the obtention of its cannabis processing license from Health Canada. The Quebec-based company can thus move forward to transform the biomass of hemp and cannabis into pure, high-quality extracts.

The authorization provided by Health Canada allows SiliCycle to start production -at its new plant – located in Quebec City, which was completed in early 2020. More than 22 million dollars were invested in construction and equipment acquisition costs related to carrying out the extraction, purification and packaging processes used by the company and its affiliate PurCann Pharma, which is dedicated to this field of expertise.

“There is certainly a craze for the production of cannabinoids, but the interest lies particularly in the ability to offer these substances in their pure form – This is precisely where we set ourselves apart with processes that allow us to produce  the desired quantities and proportions in a stable and reproducible manner despite the variations -in the biomass. This is how we will be able to provide customers with -reliable products, an essential condition for commercial success,” said SiliCycle President Hugo St-Laurent.

The new plant will process up to 100,000 kg of biomass per year, thus providing SiliCycle with the tools to produce thousands of kilograms of extracts – with varying degrees of purity according to the needs of its customers. The new plant is also equipped with units for the preparation of finished products including tinctures, sprays and so on, to meet customer needs.-

“We are applying all the expertise acquired in the pharmaceutical field to ensure product quality and reproducibility according to very high standards. Our scientific approach is therefore rigorous and proven, combined with the quality of our new facilities and the presence of high-caliber researchers within our team, thus we are well positioned to successfully market our products,” said Pierre Plante, Vice President – Operations for PurCann Pharma.

Founded in 1995, SiliCycle Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development, the manufacturing and the commercialization of high value silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry.