Shoppers Drug Mart's Ken Weisbrod Joins World Cannabis Congress As Keynote Speaker

Published: June 3, 2019

Shoppers Drug Mart's Ken Weisbrod Joins World Cannabis Congress As Keynote Speaker

Canada’s leading retail pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart will speak at the 2019 World Cannabis Congress.

Ken Weisbrod, Vice President of Pharmacy Business Development and Initiatives, will join other high-profile speakers and brands, including Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth, to share his insights into the medical cannabis industry. He will provide context on how Shoppers Drug Mart is addressing complex, evolving needs related to the medical cannabis industry and how it will focus on product identification and tracking in a world that requires transparency. Weisbrod will open the event in Saint John, NB on Monday morning, June 17.

“We’ve been very clear about our interest and intentions within the Canadian medicinal cannabis market,” said Weisbrod. “From day one, our goal has been to enhance the service and support that patients receive through their procurement of medical cannabis. I look forward to sharing insights with the industry about our experiences since launching in January 2019, along with more details about our next steps at World Cannabis Congress.”

The second-annual World Cannabis Congress will convene major influencers, thought leaders, policy makers and government officials to help shape and advance the cannabis industry worldwide. Weisbrod’s participation comes following a long period of speculation from Canadians who have been eagerly awaiting more details about Shoppers Drug Mart’s plans in the cannabis industry.

“Shoppers Drug Mart is a mainstream retail titan and yet another proof point as to where this industry is headed,” said Derek Riedle, Publisher of Civilized. “At last year’s World Cannabis Congress, we spent a lot of time discussing where we hoped the industry would go in a post-legalization landscape, and here we are. Less than a year later, we’re working with the world’s top brands to bring cannabis to consumers.”

Shoppers Drug Mart expanded its online platform for the sale of medical cannabis to patients in Alberta and Ontario, providing a single, trusted source for all their cannabis therapy needs. First launched in January 2019, their site connects Canada’s current e-commerce model for medical cannabis with expert advice and counsel from trusted healthcare professionals. To date, the company has signed supply and quality agreements with 12 licensed producers and will provide products and medical accessories.