SevenPoint Interiors Setting Trends for Cannabis Retail Design in 2024

Published: January 16, 2024

SevenPoint Interiors Setting Trends for Cannabis Retail Design in 2024

The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, ushering in an era of high design and innovative merchandising that is reshaping the customer experience. SevenPoint Interiors (SPI), a distinguished design and fixture manufacturing firm and a division of Visual Elements, renowned for its work with Hermes, Nordstrom, and Louis Vuitton, is leading this evolution by applying luxury design principles to elevate cannabis retail into immersive and culturally resonant environments.

In 2024, retail design trends have noted the importance of embracing sensory details, organic shapes, mood lighting, and captivating color schemes, creating emotionally resonant and engaging spaces. SPI, from concept to completion, is committed to transforming dispensaries into cultural hubs that not only narrate brand identity but also enhance the customer journey through unparalleled design solutions.

SPI’s latest innovation, designed exclusively for cannabis retail, revolutionizes the merchandising of cannabis flower offerings by engaging customers’ senses: smell, touch, sight, and taste. Crafted from solid wood, stainless steel, and glass, with integrated lighting and a triggered circulation system, this sensory-focused fixture invites customers to explore, smell, and interact while shopping, creating a groundbreaking sensory experience.

The team of experienced designers and engineers go beyond aesthetics, creating fully immersive experiences that transcend design and functionality. Their  approach is localized and community-driven, with a commitment to maintaining design integrity. Based in Toronto, SPI is a trusted industry resource known for vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, custom fixtures, specialty finishes, and the Module System, offering tailored turn-key merchandising solutions that have garnered awards in retail design.

An example of this is Green Qween in Downtown Los Angeles, a cannabis retailer featuring LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and women-owned brands. SPI’s redesign of this refurbished Art Deco building earned us a Clio Award in 2022. With arched displays, dichroic mirrored windows, a large disco ball, and retro-futuristic colors, the design exudes inclusivity and joy, redefining customer engagement.

As cannabis gains mainstream acceptance, SPI designs high-end retail hubs that serve as both local community staples and tourist attractions. Our concept for Scarlet Fire Cannabis Co., inspired by the Grateful Dead, features a mesmerizing “Rabbit Hole” with scarlet-stained panels and psychedelic imagery, creating a sensory and almost hallucinatory optical illusion. The store also houses the Terpene Station, offering consumer education about cannabis terpenes. Visitors from near and far come to immerse themselves in a space that seamlessly blends storytelling and innovative sensory design, catering to a diverse customer base.

From conceptualization to realization, SPI’s dispensary destinations, crafted by our multidisciplinary design team, set a new standard of excellence. SPI’s  work not only elevates the cannabis retail sphere but also inspires innovation across all retail sectors.