Rubicon Organics Launches Simply BareTM Brand in Canada

Published: December 6, 2019

Rubicon Organics Launches Simply BareTM Brand in Canada

Rubicon Organics Inc. announced the official launch of “Simply BareTM, its first brand of certified organic cannabis, to the Canadian recreational market for sale in early 2020.

“We have cultivated some of the most highly coveted strains in the market using our proprietary organic cultivation methodologies to offer exceptionally high-quality and pure products that consumers have been waiting for,” said Jesse McConnell, CEO of Rubicon Organics. “The launch of the Simply BareTM brand promises to deliver consumers an all-natural, terpene-rich experience while representing a critical milestone for Rubicon Organics as we move towards the path to strong revenue and profit generation.”

Simply BareTM will initially have two product offerings: BC Organic Blue Dream and BC Organic Creek Congo. BC Organic Blue Dream is the organic version of the classic sativa dominant strain boasting high THC potency of 22.0%, strong blueberry aromas and an impressive terpene profile of 3.5%. BC Organic Creek Congo is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain with a spicy, aromatic aroma, THC content of 18.5% and a terpene profile of 2.7%.

“We developed Simply BareTM based on feedback from thousands of consumers and budtenders to ensure we spoke to a real need in the market,” said Tim Roberts, President of Rubicon Organics. “Simply BareTM is about high-quality, clean, consistently great flower, with nothing to hide.  We are proud to lead the way with our soil-grown, organic cultivation which celebrates the plant’s naturally produced cannabinoids and flavours, with no artificial inputs, resulting in an outstanding and rich flavour experience every time.  Simply BareTM is a purer form of flower which will pave the way for a more ethical and sustainable future for cannabis cultivation.”

Rubicon Organics cannabis plants are grown in a proprietary mix of living, 100% certified organic  soil made in-house with ingredients from BC’s Sunshine Coast. Each plant is grown under full-spectrum sunlight, harvested by hand and cold cured for two weeks to achieve an incredibly rich terpene profile. Only the finest buds are then selected and carefully trimmed before being placed in 3.5-gram terracotta-coloured packaging. Under its commitment to sustainability, the Company has chosen packaging that is the least harmful to the environment so Simply BareTM flower will only be available in recyclable glass jars with no additional, unnecessary external boxing.

For more information on Simply BareTM, visit and follow on Instagram @SimplyBareOrganic.