Rubicon Organics Announces Partnership with Iconic California-based Lifestyle & Cannabis Brand "Cookies"

Published: June 13, 2019

Rubicon Organics Announces Partnership with Iconic California-based Lifestyle & Cannabis Brand

Rubicon Organics Inc. has partnered with Cookies, a leading lifestyle and cannabis brand in California, to exclusively license the Cookies brand in Washington State. Through this partnership, Cookies cannabis strains will be grown at the Company’s 40,000-square-foot high-tech, venlo-style Washington greenhouse, which is leased to an I-502 Tier 3-licensed Washington operator that applies Rubicon Organics’ proprietary cultivation methods to produce super-premium cannabis.

“The fact that Cookies – one of the top brands in California – has chosen Rubicon Organics to license its highly coveted cannabis strains is a testament to the strong commercial appeal of Rubicon’s unique cultivation methods,” said Jesse McConnell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our proprietary cultivation methodologies will enable the fullest expression of Cookies’ cannabis genetics and we are looking forward to working alongside the Cookies team to spread their iconic brand across Washington State.”

“Washington has always been a very educated market and has bonded with the Bay Area and Cookies Genetics since the medical scene,” said Berner, founder and CEO of Cookies. “This makes our breeding projects in Washington extremely true to our brand. Rubicon is providing the perfect platform to roll out Cookies properly in Washington. We are beyond excited and eager to get going.”

Rubicon Organics expects that this partnership, in conjunction with the anticipated launch of the Company’s 1964 Supply Co. brands in Q4 2019, will build a highly coveted brand portfolio in Washington that will contribute to maximizing revenue for the state-licensed tenant as well as providing packaging revenue for Rubicon Organics.

Additionally, this partnership will assist Rubicon Organics in bringing its own brands to market as they sit alongside the highly recognizable and coveted Cookies brand in Washington. The Cookies library of cannabis strains are expected to be available for sale commencing in Q4 2019.