ROSE LifeScience Launches Québec's First Cannabis Micro-producer

Published: January 27, 2021

ROSE LifeScience Launches Québec's First Cannabis Micro-producer

The first cannabis micro-producer to emerge in Québec now has local products on SQDC shelves thanks to a new initiative from ROSE LifeScience Inc. DLYS, by ROSE, is a brand-collective which unites Québec’s regional micro-producers to share resources and help bring their local cannabis to market. Amos, developed by mindiCANNA out of Abitibi, QC, is the first product available under the DLYS moniker.

“Consumers deserve to have access to the great work local producers are doing here. Now they can.” said Davide Zaffino, President and Chief Financial Officer at ROSE.

The DLYS cannabis collective directly benefits local producers by simplifying the distribution process and making it easier to share their expertise with Québec’s consumer market. ROSE works directly with the SQDC to ensure that can happen. Two renowned cannabis experts, Daniel Lessard and Carl Richard, are at the helm of mindiCANNA, where they take advantage of some of the world’s best water and growing soil to elevate the development of their plants.

“This is our passion,” said mindiCANNA co-founder Daniel Lessard. “We know how to grow cannabis here, in optimal ways.”

About ROSE LifeScience

  • Since establishing in 2016, ROSE has created more than 70 jobs in Quebec.
  • Alongside its partner brands, products from the ROSE brand family are developed and distributed completely for the Québec market.
  • ROSE was founded by a group of internationally experienced experts with decades of business leadership in regulated markets.
  • The SQDC is currently the exclusive retailer for ROSE products and brands.

ROSE LifeScience is a proud part of its community and hosts some of the industry’s most advanced infrastructure and cultivation processes.

    • ROSE calls Huntingdon, QC home — where its 55,000 square-foot, strictly regulated indoor growing centre is located.
    • Inside the centre are 24 climate-controlled, air-locked, strain-isolated growing rooms for more advanced strain development.
    • Highly advanced security systems help growing experts to capture real-time, integrated data from both the building and every plant it houses.
    • To ensure product integrity, ROSE plants are never over-handled and are kept from contamination by endorsing strict practices set forth by Health Canada.
    • Products are rigorously tested for at every stage of development in order to maintain and improve quality.
    • ROSE is the workplace of some of the world’s most respected cannabis growers whose reputations are behind their product.