RMMI Corp. Announces Submission of Site Evidence Package to Health Canada

Published: July 12, 2019

RMMI Corp. Announces Submission of Site Evidence Package to Health Canada

RMMI Corp. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Rocky Mountain Marijuana submitted its Site Evidence Package to Health Canada pursuant to its Cultivation, Processing and Sales License application under the Cannabis Act.

Submission of the Evidence Package demonstrates to Health Canada that Rocky Mountain’s first phase cultivation and processing area is substantially complete and is in compliance with Health Canada’s security requirements, as defined in the Cannabis Act. The submission of the Evidence Package represents the final step in Rocky Mountain’s application process to obtain a license to cultivate cannabis at its Newell facility. Health Canada indicated on a May 8, 2019 conference call that they are committed to providing a response within 60 business days of assigning a reviewer to an applicant’s Evidence Package, however they did not provide a timeline for assignment of a reviewer.

“The RMMI team is delighted to have completed this final step in our application process,” said Earl Connors, President and CEO of RMMI. “Our achievement was the result of dedicated teamwork and an exceptional effort by our employees, contractors and consultants. This milestone represents a significant accomplishment towards the Company’s objective to produce premium cannabis for Canadians. The Company continues to remain focused on its plans and timelines as we progress to full license status.”

Rocky Mountain’s 23,400 square foot main facility will be capable of supplying the Canadian market with a wide range of cannabis products. The facility includes pressurized clone, mother-plant and flowering rooms designed to resist pests and contaminants, drying, milling, extraction and processing areas, secure storage, and a laboratory for research and development, testing and tissue culturing. Management believes that the facility, combined with its advanced aeroponic systems, will produce high-quality, attractive yields by utilizing stackable technology and a precisely-controlled environment.

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